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Digital equine pr and marketing is a broad term for any digital activity promoting your equestrian business or services. This business blog explains how creative equine marketing and PR can boost your digital marketing from mediocre to new mega equine marketing heights!


What is Digital Content?

Digital content is content that appears on the internet. This embraces both a digital marketing & website presence for your equestrian products and/or business. Your digital content can include email marketing, social media and web-based media coverage. Your equestrian marketing efforts should include digital content as part of your broader SEO strategy because competition within the equestrian industry is fierce!  


What Services Are Generally Offered Under Digital Equine PR And Marketing?

As an award-winning equestrian marketing agency, we offer a wide range of bespoke services. These include equine PR & marketing, creative design for equestrian website media, brand consultancy & development and implementing online campaigns, including SEO website content, keyword research for search engine optimisation, blogs and social media management.

As online marketing experts, we know how to capture attention with our broad consumer brand marketing experience and digital marketing tools. If you are looking for a digital marketing executive, ensure they have the relevant experience with horses and experience in equestrian events if these are key areas of your business. We’ve onboarded many clients who have previously tried non-equestrian digital marketing agencies and discovered that you really need a specialist digital equine pr and marketing agency to get the best results.


We know horses and understand what horse riders and horse owners need, want and love.


What Are Some Creative Equine Marketing Ideas?

Concentrating on improving your website content is one creative equine marketing idea you can implement. As horse riders, certified copywriting experts and qualified journalists, we focus on creating digital content which supports your equine business. Our head of marketing, Ashley Rossiter, is a lifetime horse owner and a digital marketing executive, so your company is in skilful hands! Use your keyword strategy to create blog content and website content, bearing in mind Google’s most recent update, Google E-E-A-T.


You can also build your newsletter subscribers by creating equestrian marketing campaigns which give value and promote your products and business. Remember to reward your subscribers. Offer exclusive discounts, previews and special offers. To retain your newsletter subscribers, you need to be an equine marketing expert! Don’t take advantage of your subscribers or send them emails too frequently. You risk being unsubscribed and even being listed as spam.


Where Can I Find Digital Equine Marketing?

Well, if you’re reading this blog, you’ll know that digital equine marketing works! We have over 40 years of collective experience as an equine marketing agency. Our diverse mix of clients is our strength, allowing us further reach in digital media opportunities across consumer titles than our competitors. If you are looking at equestrian marketing agencies, pick up the phone and have an initial chat.


Ask all equestrian marketing companies the same questions, but remember to be realistic in your expectations and cost. An experienced full-service design and marketing agency will be more expensive than a smaller equine marketing agency. Still, ultimately, you are paying for experience, contacts and expertise, which are worth investing in. 


While no doubt they will offer exciting marketing strategies, if they are promising you the front cover of Horse & Hound or it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Equestrian marketing methods vary from agency to agency.  your equestrian pr and marketing team should manage your account to give you the best value they can.


How Much Does It Cost For Digital Equine Marketing?

Whether you are planning to launch an equestrian clothing brand online or the best ways to drive traffic to your website, your equine marketing budget should consider agency fees, advertising, and a giveaway budget. Every business is an individual, so we create bespoke packages for our clients. Our marketing and PR packages only contain the equestrian marketing methods that we know will be successful for our clients. You pay for what you need instead of what you don’t! We also offer small business coaching and copywriting services. Equestrian businesses of all sizes benefit from our wealth of equestrian marketing expertise and experience.

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