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Digital marketing is any marketing that uses an electronic device or the internet. How Digital Marketing works is that it covers everything from search engines, email marketing, website and social media. Having a strong digital marketing strategy in place is important for any brand, regardless of size. 

Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

What is marketing and how do I use it? Digital marketing is a hugely powerful tool to reach your audience, as the MirrorMePR Social Media Marketing Team explains in this business blog.

Digital marketing works by connecting with your audience at the right time in the right place. Putting your brand in front of the right audience at the right time is crucial, and digital marketing allows you to do this in ways that previously traditional print marketing could not.  We look after so many different areas of client’s digital marketing, all of which are crucial to their businesses.

Which Digital Marketing Is Best?

In an ideal world all digital marketing options should be explored. Ultimately it depends on your budget/resources so be agile and focus well on just one or two areas.

We manage a large number of our client’s social media channels and also look after content creation for these client’s websites.

With qualification in SEO copywriting and journalism, we can create engaging, relevant digital marketing content that will also support search engine optimisation. By creating content for our clients, it also allows us to seamlessly weave campaigns and key messaging together and drive content to client’s websites from their social channels. Interesting and informative blog content is also crucial for your website to establish you as the authority in your sector and improved visitor retention. We super charge your SEO opportunities!

How Can Digital Marketing Help?

Our clients might vary by offering a service or selling products directly to the consumer from their websites. However, both benefit from brand awareness.

We help clients with newsletter marketing, another robust digital marketing tool. We come up with ideas and angles and write these for our clients to help grow their subscriber numbers. Email still drives the highest ROI. On average, businesses can earn $44 for every dollar spent on email marketing, so it’s time well spent.

Your social media channels are also imperative to your digital presence. Our Social Media Marketing Services offer the perfect solution to running your channels smoothly and efficiently. We ensure that your channels are relevant, engaging and responsive so you can focus on your business.

So, What Should Your Digital Marketing Include?

Again, this is going to be different for each business. We always undertake an in-depth marketing review with new clients. We can quickly determine the most effective way to move your digital presence forward. Knowing where your customers are ‘hanging out’ is an important aspect to know when you are planning your digital strategy. After all, telling the world how fabulous your brand is with no one or the right people listening or watching is pointless. Your customers are on Facebook, but if you are focused on Twitter then you are going to miss out. Knowing who your customers are and where to find them should be at the heart of your digital marketing plans.

Investing time and money into an area that is not yielding success (brand awareness or return on investment) is a complete waste of resources, money and time. Your digital marketing team should monitor and tweak based on results. Changing tact is important in the ever evolving digital landscape.

How Can Digital Marketing Benefit Your Business?

According to Pew Research almost a quarter of US adults say that they are ‘almost constantly’ online.

Another study as featured in The Telegraph also supports this evidence claiming that consumers now spend an entire day every week online. Those statistics reflect a big opportunity for your brand or business. The potential to be seen by millions of people is an exciting opportunity that no brand should dismiss.

Digital Online Habits Count!

The article reveals a fascinating insight into people’s online habits and makes for some startling reading:

  • For example, people are on average online for 24 hours a week, twice as long as ten years ago, with one in five of all adults spending as much as 40 hours a week on the web.
  • And the rise of the smartphone has played an enormous role in this digital uptake with 78% of the population now owning a smartphone compared with just 17% in 2008 (the year after the first iPhone was launched).
  • The research also showed that those aged between 16 – 24 years averaged around 34.3 hours a week on the internet and that 65% of those aged under 35 check their phone within five minutes of waking up! (Anyone else guilty?!)
  • And for us Brits, did you know that we are so addicted to our smartphones that they check them every 12 minutes?!

As a final takeaway, your digital marketing should be cohesive across the board. It’s also important to look to incorporate print marketing within your campaigns. Being seen in magazines still has a positive perception of a brand’s influence and authority. As featured in this wonderful thought-provoking feature on Forbes written by a panel of experts. We agree print should always be part of your marketing plan. Our clients see and understand the value of print and the trust that it builds with consumers. 

Are you ready to take your digital marketing to the next level? Get in touch with our Team to determine how we can help supercharge your brand or business.

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