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We look at three viral TikTok beauty trends and, with the advice of our aesthetics and skincare expert, Amish Patel, at Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic, ask if they’re worth trying.


Skin Cycling 

Skin cycling is cycling through active and non-active skin care ingredients over four nights to boost the results from the active ingredients yet minimise the irritation. An example of skin cycling is to start night one with exfoliation, night two use retinoid, and then allow your skin to recover on nights three and four. The results from this skincare routine have proven to help a range of skin issues, including acne. 


Worth A Try: We think so. Especially if you are new to using retinol, it’s a core ingredient in our personal skincare routines, alongside exfoliation and nourishing serums to help boost hydration.


Our Professional Skincare Expert Says;

“It depends on the age of the individual and the potency of your retinol for this trend. As we age, our skin cell renewal slows down, so retinol helps speed up the process – great if you’re older but not really needed if you’re in your early twenties. If you’re using professional medical-grade retinol products, giving your skin a break for a couple of days after use is OK, especially for sensitive skin types. I recommend introducing retinol products slowly into your skincare routine, so this is an excellent way to integrate it slowly, and if it works for you in this way, stick to the cycle. Otherwise, you can incorporate it more often, then eventually, in the long term, daily. “

girl skin cycling

Clean Girl Aesthetic

Beauty-wise, the clean girl aesthetic trend focuses on dewy skin, a hint of blush and glossy lips with slicked-back hair. That fresh-faced look where make-up mimics natural beauty. Glowing skin is at the heart of this trend, and showcasing make-up-free skin is also a key feature.


Worth A Try: Yes! We love this trend, even if it means we cheat a little with an SPF foundation to emulate that clean complexion and glowing skin!


Our Professional Skincare Expert Says;

“Going make-up free at least a couple of days a week is perfect for your skin; it allows your skin to breathe, and I love that this trend champions naturally healthy skin. Create a skincare routine that works for your age and skin type. Include lots of skin superfoods with vitamins A, C, D, E & K. Drink plenty of water and reduce sugar and alcohol to encourage natural glowing skin. Even if you are going make-up free, always wear a high SPF to beat UV ageing.”

girl with clear skin

Skin Streaming

Skin Streaming is moving away from using multiple products to just picking a handful of skincare products which combine your essential ingredients to give you a complete spectrum of skincare reduced into just four skincare products.


Worth A Try: Yes. Thanks to Amish’s expert guidance, we’re very minimalist regarding our skincare routines, so our bathroom cabinets are living-proof; less is more!


Our Professional Skincare Expert Says;

” I don’t like to make skincare routines over complicated or lengthy for my clients because, in reality, you don’t need to, and the quicker and easier it is for clients to onboard a skin routine, the longer they will stick to it. I never recommend more than 4 – 5 products in most cases, and each product is carefully tailored to accommodate the client’s skincare needs.”

beauty serum


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