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Planning a staycation this year, yearning for that fresh holiday glow? Our Award-Winning Beauty Team share their tips for achieving that post-holiday glow.

Tan Tricks

Perhaps the most coveted result from a holiday is sun kissed skin. Our Beauty Team know to wear high sun factor cream all year round, keep out of the sun during its strongest and always wear a hat in the sun. Worried about looking pale? Fake the bake with fake tan. Choose brands that are paraben and sulphate free. We love Skinny Tan for a sun kissed look that is also cruelty-free to give you a natural holiday glow. 

Sleep Better

Does your bedtime routine include scrolling through Facebook or chatting on WhatsApp before falling asleep still online? If this sounds like you, then it’s time to ditch the electronic devices. There is solid evidence to show that switching off your electronic devices before heading to bed will help improve the length and quality of your sleep. Better sleep quality means a rested body and mind, improved mental well-being, and better skin repair and rejuvenation.  

Ditch Sugar & Alcohol

We hate to tell you this, but those ice-creams and cocktails are filled to the brim with sugar. Sugar is your skin’s worst enemy as it causes inflammation in the skin. Diets high in sugar also speed up the ageing process of your skin, known as glycation, by increasing the breakdown of collagen fibres— bad news for you and before you reach for the bottle in despair. Alcohol is full of sugar too. 

Scrub & Moisturise

Scrub away those dead skin cells to reveal brighter, fresher skin. Our favourite natural face scrubs for the body is finely ground sea salt for a beach babe ready body! Our favourite homemade DIY facial scrub is an oat and honey mix that will leave your skin moisturised and silky soft! Mix, gently massage in using your fingertips and rinse off with warm water.

Elevate Your Skincare Routine

Alongside lifestyle changes, a shift in your skincare routine could help transform your skin. We are firm believers in quality skincare and investing in your skin. As we age, our skincare needs change, and the same goes for the seasons. Summer is the perfect time to review your skincare products and swap in some new products and brands. Don’t forget it takes at least 28 days for skin cells to turn over so, wait at least a month before reviewing results on any new additions.

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