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This business blog shares the best ways to get traffic to your website and how your PR & marketing efforts play a crucial part.


Website Woes

If your website has slow loading times and is badly written is poorly constructed, these can all affect traffic to your website and the overall visitor experience. These factors can increase bounce rates and ultimately affect how Google ranks your website organically. Pay attention to your website build and invest in website experts and content creators to ensure you have create a professional website that performs as good as it looks.


Get Social

Your social media efforts are worth investing time and money in. Creating engaging posts that tell your brand story and showcase your products and services is imperative to your business. It is an essential part of your marketing efforts. Driving traffic to your website from your social media channels both organically and with supported paid advertising offers a fantastic avenue for brand discovery and sales. There are few things that you should be doing in your marketing and social media is one of them!


Blog Your Business

As qualified journalists and certified SEO content creators, we know how to craft well-written, informative blog content to keep our client’s website visitors browsing and returning. Blog content is the perfect vehicle for driving traffic to your website and optimising your SEO opportunities. Our team carefully researches blog content to ensure that the subjects are relevant and on topic for the brand. Your website content is important so don’t skimp on this important PR and marketing tool.


Use PR To Get Traffic To Your Website

PR is a fantastic way to get traffic to your website as PART of your overall marketing efforts. By gaining media backlinks, PR can help build your network of high-value backlinks to increase your SEO ranking. PR also elevates your brand from unknown to respected and trusted. An editor placing your brand in their publication is still viewed with the highest esteem. Consumers also see it as the most trusted form of news. This is way above advertising, social media posts or blog content. Seeing your brand in the media reassures the consumer and builds trust in your brand. The difference between a respectable Editor featuring your brand and giving it ‘approval’ by including it editorially and a post on social media is that the post on social media could be fake news.


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