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Why do equestrian brands choose to appoint a professional Equine PR & Marketing Agency? And what is equine marketing and do I need it? Equine businesses choose to appoint an Equine PR & Marketing Agency for a variety of reasons; The two most common reasons are:


They want to focus on their personal strengths to help their business grow




They want skilled professionals as part of their team who specialise in the art of presenting their brand to the press and onto the buying consumer.


So, Can I Do Equine PR & Marketing Myself?

In the beginning, most businesses will be one man or woman bands or small teams looking after every aspect of the company, including Social Media Management and PR. For those small start-ups with a minimal budget, we offer Small Business Coaching Services, and you can find lots of great tips and expert advice, from “How To Write The Perfect Press Releasethrough to “What Is Multi-Media And Why Your Business Needs To Be It on our blog pages. 


For those equine companies looking to move their equestrian businesses forward, there is Equine PR and Equine marketing. We had a fascinating chat with an emerging equestrian business owner the other day who had been told by an Equine PR that they didn’t need to appoint a PR. Apparently, anyone can easily pitch their product and story to journalists?


Sure. If you are a skilled storyteller, have a good understanding of what is required by the journalist and what ‘hooks’ their interest?!


However, the bottom line is that most businesses don’t have marketing skills, a degree in journalism or the contacts within the press or simply the time. Appointing a skilled PR person allows business owners to focus on running their business and selling. Leave the job of ‘selling’ your brand to the press to equine marketing experts.


Why Do PR Rates Vary So Much?

The saying ‘you pay for what you get’ is partly true, but in an unregulated industry such as PR, you might find yourself paying for a service which would never be able to deliver on the promises given. As qualified PR professionals and Social Media Experts, you won’t find us in the bargain bins, but that’s because talented, experienced professionals aren’t cheap, and the regular training is an investment to our clients, which they appreciate. 


Ultimately, a large chunk of what our clients give us is then invested back into making our services outstanding. If you’re paying very little, then the chances are that you are getting very little in return. We often speak to equine businesses that have wasted £100’s or £1,000’s on PR which hasn’t worked for them. 


Equine Marketing & PR does work but take your time. Speak to a few PR Professionals and go with your gut feeling. All brands, no matter what their size need to keep to a budget. Our client packages are tailored made to fit with your equestrian brand’s budget and requirements. One size doesn’t fit all, and that certainly applies to the diverse equestrian business sector.


What Do I Get From A PR?

What you get out of being with an Equine PR & Marketing Agency will depend on what you agree in terms of service. Make sure they have set out exactly what they will and won’t do for you during their term of service and be wary of promises. 


We often hear about agencies promising ‘X’ number of pieces of coverage a month. We can never guarantee the amount of coverage and nor can any other PR agency. However, yes, you’ll get coverage every month because we do our job (and well). 


As to how much coverage you’ll get each month can be dependent on several factors;


  1. The time of year and how far in advance you are planning to launch (Magazines, such as Horse & Rider Magazine tend to work 1 – 3 months ahead with feature placement often six months ahead.)


  1. The seasonal attraction of the product. A mud fever product is always going to be more popular with the media in the autumn/winter and spring months than during the summer.


  1. The strength of the story behind the product. If you have a single product to push to the press, your PR Team need to use creative equine marketing in thinking of ways to continually promote you. After the first flurry of media on the product, you are unlikely to be featured each month with the same product and same angle.


How Do I Find Equine PR & Equine Marketing?

You do need to be creative in how you search for your Equine PR & Marketing Agency. Word of mouth is an excellent place to start, as is a simple Google search. Take a look at their website and have a good read about them and their brand experience and any testimonials they might have online. 


Make a shortlist then give them a call and have a chat with them. Ask them who will be managing your day-to-day account. What experience do they have (if any) with products similar to yours? And what do they think is achievable. 


Remember you’ll be working closely with your Equestrian PR. Obviously feel confident in your choice and ensure you enjoy talking to them. The relationship with your PR should leave you feeling energised and positive. If it doesn’t, you need to review your current relationship!


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