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As a brand, you’ll undoubtedly have a presence on social media but are you limiting your brand by just appearing on one or two social media channels and just how many platforms should your brand or business feature? In this blog, our Social Media Marketing Team  share their thoughts on what makes a brand truly multi-media.


Firstly, what is multi-media?

Multi-media is quite simply using more than one medium of expression or communication. Multi-media is not just related to social media, and it can also encompass radio, podcasts and press amongst others.


Go For The Best ROI

‘But my engagement is so much better on one particular platform?

Of course, you need to determine which platform is giving the best ROI before you invest even more time and efforts. However, it’s important to monitor results and engagement regularly as the algorithm shifts do have an impact on organic reach and post-performance. Monitoring these shifts is essential for your brand. You also need to go where your customers are. This might take time to explore the multi-media channels and also require you to experiment. You might find that one platform is so much more engaging than another, but is it sending traffic to your website AND ultimately translating to sales? Review regularly.


Don’t Be Obsessed With Numbers

In marketing, we call follower numbers, ‘vanity stats’ because you can have thousands if not millions of followers, yet only a small percentage may genuinely engage with your brand or ever convert to customers. This could be down to algorithms, poor content that doesn’t excite or your followers are they are just not that into you (sorry).

Don’t be put off investing time into other platforms just because you are not getting a huge amount of likes or shares. Take a closer look at the traffic coming from that platform to your website, and you might be surprised at the buoyant stats!


Don’t Forget About Print

The recent outages on Facebook and Instagram are another stark reminder to all brands that they need to spread their visibility. As a multi-media agency, we encourage our clients to support print and incorporate it into our marketing plans. Why? Because print is still very much a trusted source of information. In a recent survey by Ofcom, it found that 80% of people surveyed thought magazines were trustworthy with social media sources scoring just 39%. Also, don’t forget that not everyone is either on Facebook or all of the time and nor would see your posts anyway. Organic reach on Facebook has been slowly declining for some time now, so digital and traditional print should form part of your marketing plans. Ad spend created around engaging editorial content is money well spent if managed with expertise and experience.


Drop Me An Email

Don’t forget about the value of building a newsletter subscriber list. There is a whopping $44 ROI for every dollar spent on email, and email marketing is 40 X more effective at acquiring new customers than social media. Creating content and understanding the email marketing process is essential and as certified email marketers, we look after this area for many of our clients.


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