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If you thought Instagram was all about the imagery, you’d be around 70% right. However, successful social media is so much more than just creating beautiful images which compel and excite. In this blog, the MirrorMePR Social Media Marketing Team take a look at Instagram.

Why Should I Have Instagram?

Whether you are a small start-up business or a global corporation, Instagram is a platform you need to have a strong presence. Our social media clients range from established equestrian companies, lifestyle brands and pet businesses. Those who sell directly to the consumer and those who focus on B2B. With over *500 million people using Instagram daily, there is plenty of opportunities to promote your brand. With *200 million users visiting a business profile each day – that’s a lot of potential eyeballs on your brand.

How Do I Use Instagram?

We use Instagram to help our clients get seen, develop their brand presence within key communities and reinforce their tone of voice. We find the right Instagram influencers for our brands to collaborate with and manage those relationships.  As with any social media platform, Instagram takes effort, time and expertise. Remember your brand must be presented in the same way across all your social media channels, including Instagram. Our social media marketing team make sure to post regularly at optimum times. Hashtag optimisation and engaging with your followers are also part of the success story.

Word Up

It’s not just your images you need to be reviewing. Wording on posts is also the answer to high engagement. The image may catch the eye, but the text will stop the scroll. Creating superb content is a smart blend of ideas, visuals and words is an art.

Instagram vs Facebook

Instagram has been the real ‘game changer’ for marketeers and businesses. Facebook is now seen as more of a ‘pay to play’ platform, demanding advertising spend. Instagram, on the other hand, remains the strongest social media platform out there in terms of reaping the rewards. With tactical planning, great content creation and some advertising spend, growth and reach can be yours. Also, *Instagram has 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook. That’s a lot of engagement!

Will Instagram Die Soon?

Instagram is set to stay strong for a while longer. The continued growth of the platform, along with *400 million people using ‘stories’ daily and the addition of the IGTV, continues to satisfy its *1 billion active monthly users. With new developments continuing to be added, this platform is set to continue to evolve. However, we always advise our clients to ensure that they are not exclusively on just one social media platform. If Instagram does ever crash and burn in the future, having many strong social media channels will ensure you are ahead of the game.

Which Instagram Account Has The Most Followers?

It’s not so much about the number of followers you should be thinking about, but the level of engagement. With the crackdown on fake followers and bots, we are thrilled to see our clients grow their audiences honestly and organically. With the rise of the micro-influencer, more and more brands are recognising that Instagram is a community where conversation with real people is imperative.

Remember, real people can turn into actual customers buying your products. 

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