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We appreciate how frightening it is for business owners right now and the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus and the long term impact that is unknown and undoubtedly troubling.

So, what should you do?

Shut up shop and go underground?

NO! And this is why…


More Eyeballs On Your Brand

With the complete lockdown, more than ever, you have the opportunity for insane organic reach. Share value and you’re not only connecting with existing customers but potentially new ones too.


Acknowledgement Is Everything

We’ve been baffled by the number of brands we have seen carrying on as if nothing has happened! No mention, no empathy, no nothing. If you’re going to continue to have a strong presence on social media, make it relatable to your customer and acknowledge how they are feeling.


You Can Establish Yourself As An Authority

Now’s the time to showcase your expertise and knowledge. We work with our clients to create valuable content that reflects their unique selling points and establish them as authorities within their sector, because of its an essential aspect of why people buy into your business and NOW even more so!


Just Because People Aren’t Buying It Doesn’t Mean They Won’t In The Future

So, people aren’t buying from you. We hear you, but if your knee jerk reaction is to stop, then that’s your long term gain gone. Your company needs to be seen NOW, so you’re ahead of your competitors when the good times return.


Play A Supporting Role

You have a relationship with your customers. They value and trust you so why would you disappear off the face of the planet, when things get tough? Brand trust is everything, so make sure you are there to support your customers, even if you can’t physically sell to them right now.

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