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With the Coronavirus affecting many businesses, we discuss why your brand needs a solid social media presence more than ever before. Your social media channels are some of your most robust lines of marketing communication for your business, so what should you be reviewing and doing right now?

Keep Your Customers Informed

Regardless of how your business operates (online or bricks and mortar), you need to keep your customers or clients informed on best practices that you have in place and any impact that the virus is having on your ability to deliver your service or products. Keeping your customers informed will show them that you are acknowledging and monitoring the situation.

Consider The Options Available To You

If your business involves walk-in trade to buy products or services, can you offer these online? For example, your online shop might be secondary to your main bricks and mortar store, but now is the time to ramp up your presence and promotion. Include incentives to help customers. Simple actions, such as taking payments over the phone, for those customers who are not confident with online shopping. Giving your customers the option to join a video call so that you can convert your standard face-to-face appointments and events through online experiences could help your business during this challenging time. If you sell bespoke, offer a fully bespoke experience with a one-to-one video call with a key member of the Team to give a virtual tour of your store and goods and chat through in realtime the items they may be interested in buying. Promoting these new avenues on your social media makes sense.

Business Promotion

For example, if you work in the travel, hospitality sector: Do you carry on promoting your business and stop social media spending? If your board crisis meeting means you have to redirect the focus from sales, what do you do? We suggest that you direct attention towards social media content which supports your business’ core principles, emphasising a narrative that will keep people engaged with your brand, even if they are unable to buy from you.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Social Media

When things get tough, your PR & social media marketing needs to be stronger than ever. With uncertainty, you need to instil confidence, and when buyer confidence is shaky, you need to show a calm, yet acknowledging exterior. Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your customers to ‘sell’, but it’s also a useful tool to engage with them and retain your visibility. As the current climate stands, more people than ever will be focusing on social media.

In these challenging times, businesses need all the support they can get. Contact us today for a free 45 minute discovery call to find out more.

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