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This month is #GreatOutdoorsMonth. As an experienced PR & Social Media Marketing Agency , we ‘walk’ you through the reasons why your social media habits and practices should be far from a leisurely stroll in a fast paced world.


Pick Up The Pace

Social Media is an ever-changing landscape, so if you don’t have the knowledge, or aren’t keen to keep up with the shifting rules and right way’s, then your channels can easily get left behind. From algorithms through to best practice and Influencer Marketing, these can change on a monthly, weekly even daily basis!


Be The Best

Your Social Channels are your business’s opportunity to showcase your brand and outshine the competition. Whatever your industry, be it Beauty, Pet or Equestrian , presenting the ‘best’ of your business is imperative on social. Always ensure that your company offers outstanding Social Media Customer Care. Your social media habits are a reflection of your brand. However large your brand is, engaging with your followers and responding to comments and messages are good social media habits,  if you want to establish your brand in it’s the best light.


Maintain Stamina

Running out of steam is easy when working on your social media channels. Consistently coming up with engaging content, ideas and campaigns require creativity, experience and good stamina. Planning a solid social media strategy will enable you to factor in important dates and periods for your business or products. 


Warm-Up & Cool Down Properly

Whether it’s a new product launch, announcement or event promotion, warming up your audience is imperative for a successful social media campaign run and don’t forget to cool your audience down correctly after the series of promotional posts has finished to keep their interest in your brand.


Choose The Right Path 

If your brand is new, then you’ll be well versed in thinking about your target customer demographics and how best to reach them. However, for more established brands, often they can lose their way and start venturing off the right path based on personal taste, rather than what their customers find relatable. Your Social Media PR Team will help keep your brand and tone of voice consistently on track. Ensure that your social media habits and actions are kept on the straight and narrow.


Breathe Easy With Great Social Media Habits

When brands approach us for social media marketing support, its often for a variety of reasons. A Small Business that is suffering as they struggle to focus on social media and growing their sales or more established brands, who need to craft engaging content, that will resonate and develop their social communities. These are just two of the many reasons why brands choose to work with our Social Media Marketing Team.


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