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How you choose to integrate influencer marketing into your business depends largely on your understanding of what it means in the first place. These tips will make all the difference…


OK, so you’ve picked someone who has a huge social following, and that’s the most important thing right?



Influencer marketing is about picking someone who can offer you the ability to get more clients. This person could have a relatively small following but is highly engaging with their audience. This ‘micro-influencer’ might not have 500K followers but what they do have is 5,000 or so followers who they have regular and direct dialogue within your core sector and is followed by larger accounts, key media and other influential individuals – this is what we class as an influencer.

‘But This Person Has 50,000 Followers?’

You may be surprised at just how many people ‘buy’ their followers in an attempt to wow you with numbers and for those brands who don’t know, it can be a strong pull. Our advice is to do your research, watch and learn. We follow prospective influencers for an extended period before making any recommendations to our clients because we need any associated influencers to have authenticity and the right authority.

‘I Gave Them Lots Of Product & I’ve Heard Nothing’

We hear this time and time again from brands who complain about their experience with influencers. However, our client’s experience is always different.

The reason? We understand the value of building relationships with influencers and bloggers and chucking loads of product at them in the hope you’ll get a consistent long-term working relationship with them, without any strategy in place is pretty bonkers. Being clear in your expectations before you embark on a public relationship with a blogger/influencer is also essential. If you are expecting them to ruin their Instagram feed and integrity with post after post of your product, then you need to rethink how you work with an authentic influencer of note! Influencers have worked hard to build their organic audiences and won’t risk turning off their followers with your unrealistic expectations or demands.

Quality Not Quantity For Influencer Marketing

If you are on a limited budget, go for quality in your chosen relationships. Cherry pick an influencer(s) that fit with your brand and LOVE the brand.

Choose to work with individuals that really want to be part of the team and help support your vision. As title sponsors and judges of the Haynet Country Style & Equestrian Blogger Of The Year Awards We get to review a lot of bloggers sites, and for us, this offers an excellent opportunity to also see emerging talent within our country, canine and equestrian sector.

At MirrorMePR we’ve partnered our clients with a range of influencers, and it’s worked really well for our clients. One influencer, we have worked successfully with is Instagrammer Kate Egan, The Priestess Of The Peak. Kate’s advice for brands looking to align themselves with an influencer comes from her own personal experience working with brands, as she explains:

“The most important thing for me is having a good understanding of what you both want to achieve. I’m lucky, none of my brands have a hard and fast rule with how I market their products, they give me free rein and let me just incorporate PR into my every day life. I think this works well for both of us as it’s natural and not too constructed and sales heavy.”

And for brands looking for influencers?

“I think it’s such a hard decision for any brand to decide as there are so many great influencers around. I think working with me it’s a little niche, it’s predominantly art and conservation…with a bit of personality thrown in so I’m very lucky the brands I work understand I keep marketing subtle, as too much can be annoying to your followers.”
And what catches Kate’s eye?
“I think somebody who is posting great original content with things they are passionate about always catches my eye. My favourite influencer at the moment is @solveiginscotland. Her content is wonderful and her use of image and colour really stands out from everyone else.”

The key to happiness and increased brand engagment is aligning your brand with influencers that are the perfect fit. That takes experience and knowledge.

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