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With spring officially here, use your time at home during lockdown to be productive in the garden this April. Focus on your garden, get some exercise and enjoy the benefits come this summer.


  1. Purchase some seeds online. From flowers to vegetables, get growing and reap the rewards of full vases and plates in weeks to come. 

  2. Weed the lawn. Remove weed roots by digging them over. Be careful of applying weedkiller that could be a health hazard to your family and your pets. 

  3.  Mow the lawn. Check the weather forecast and after a couple of dry days, give the lawn a good mow and trim the edges. It will instantly tidy up your garden.

  4. Dig over your borders and dig up weeds.

  5. Give your shrubs and roses a good feed to help them on their way to summer glory.

  6. Order your summer bedding plants and hanging basket fillers online.

  7. Double-check that all your container plants aren’t drying out. Give them a good water during the day but as we are still susceptible to the odd overnight frost, take care.

  8. As above, cover fragile buds and plants up at night if a hard frost is forecast.

  9. Divide up your primroses, once they have finished flowering to give you even more abundance of colour come next spring.

  10. Secure any climbing plants you have in your garden now so you can begin to train them to grow.

  11. Deadhead all your daffodils and tulips once the flowers have finished, but leave them to die back naturally.


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