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Whether you live in an urban apartment or country house, window boxes are the perfect way to plant up some gorgeous colour that you can enjoy all year round, whatever the season. In this blog, our Countryside PR Team share their tips and inspiration for planting up your window boxes.

The Perfect Window Box

If you don’t have any window boxes already, before you buy, make sure you measure each window sill to check that they will fit! Make sure that you purchase window boxes with drainage holes.


Let’s Break Up

Before you add soil and plants, you’ll need to make sure that the window box has good drainage. Using broken terracotta pots or broken up polystyrene packaging, lay a layer at the base before adding soil.


Plan Before You Plant

Before physically planting into the window boxes, place the plants as you would like and stand back to look at the order. You may find you want to juggle them around before bedding them in properly.


Mix It Up

Plant a selection of evergreen plants in your window boxes and add seasonal colour around them. This means you can easily update your window box to suit the season.


Well Placed

Think about the amount of light you get to your windows. Light will vary during the time of year and also for each window. Choose your planting to suit the conditions.


Colour Me Beautifully

Choose a colour combination that is going to make you smile each day. This might be a bold mix of colour, cold creams and whites or one solid colour theme throughout.


That’s Odd

Plant your window boxes up in odd numbers and think about creating a triangle shape with your planting. From a visual point of view this is more pleasing to the eye.


Heaven Scent

For summer planting consider scented plants which add a wonderful aroma to your home.


Thirsty Work

Make sure you keep you water your plants regularly. Plants in window boxes, pots and containers dry out a lot more quickly. Some fertilisers contain water retention crystals, so it might be worth looking at these as an option.


Grow Something Edible

Don’t forget you can grow vegetables and herbs just as well as flowers in your window boxes. Use organic fertiliser. Herbs such as Lavender, Rosemary and Chives produce gorgeous purple blooms so you can have flowers and fresh ingredients!

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