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Whether you have a balcony, patio or substantial green space to play with, we share our top tips for creating your very own countryside retreat this spring ready for summer. Read on to discover how you can create the ultimate country garden.

Naturally Beautiful

Creating structure using natural materials is also a beautiful way to divide your garden into individual sections or add interest to one space. A log wall is eye-catching as it is bug friendly and makes the perfect natural landscape material for an eco-friendly statement in your country garden or urban flat. Team with an unruly Ivy and some solar lights for night time ambience that brings magic to evening entertainment this summer.

Logs stacked on top of each other

Going Large

Large plants make a statement even in the smallest of spaces. Choose significant green foliage impact with colour and enjoy summer with an exotic take on a traditional English country garden, where tall Foxgloves and Delphinium are the heroes of a traditional country garden. And if ground space is limited, think about adding some hanging baskets, cascading down from a height, these can be impressive without taking up space on the square footage.

A white chair next to a green plant

Blurred Lines

As gardening trends go, alfresco dining is becoming more and more popular but so is creating green spaces within the home. Adding lots of green foliage to your indoor space not only creates a beautiful sense of calm and tranquillity but it means you can work with more exotic plants which cannot survive outdoors. Build clusters of big leafy plants with colour around a room or if space is of a premium, winter those fragile plants in the warmth of the home before returning to the garden come summer. This enables you to enjoy them all year round, and they should thrive for years to come.

A selection of plants and lights inside a dimly lit room

Wild Thing

If you have an area which you can dedicate to wildlife, create a bee haven by planting your very own meadow. We adore these Bee Bombs which you simply scatter and sit back and watch your beautiful meadow take root. And with some varieties taking a couple of years to establish and flower, you’ll be looking forward to seeing this eco-patch grow and develop.

A bee on a purple flower

Window Of My Soul

If you don’t have an outdoor space to play with or your home is quite compact then turn your windows into mini displays of glorious colour. Use window boxes to transform your view of the world into your very own plant paradise. Choose a scent to add something special to your home. We love Lavender for welcoming busy bees and for adding colour and a heavenly smell into our office.

A selection of purple and yellow flowers overlooking a city skyline

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