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Are you thinking of taking the plunge and hiring an equestrian PR and social media agency? We have over 30 years of collective equestrian industry experience. Here are our top tips for finding your dream equestrian pr and marketing agency.

  1. The Right Fit For You

Where can I find an equestrian pr agency? It’s not so much about finding an equestrian marketing agency but more about finding the RIGHT one for your brand. Each agency should have its own USP. Our unique selling point is that we represent premium equestrian brands. Our background story and experience also set us apart.

  1. Exclusivity

Are you exclusive to the equestrian agency? In other words, do they represent your direct competition? We are cautious not to represent competitor brands for two reasons:


  1. a) Morally, we don’t think it’s right.
  2. b) You want us to be looking out for your best interests first and foremost.


Not all agencies are as selective or care as much about their long-term client relationships. Ask the question before you sign the contract.

  1. Qualified

What qualifications do you need to do equestrian pr? Well, none. Which is why it is so tricky for equestrian companies to make an informed decision. We invest in our staff training so that our clients are always assured of the best possible service and advice. We have certification in SEO copywriting, journalism and social media. Our training also extends to Facebook advertising and social media marketing strategy.

  1. Budget

How much does an equestrian pr agency cost? The cost you are paying will vary from agency to agency and be relevant to their experience and track record. Remember, what you are really paying for are their experience, their superb media relationships and their fantastic results. Cheap doesn’t always equal good.

  1. Equestrian Brand Experience

Do they have great equestrian brand experience?  They don’t have to have worked with brands precisely like yours. The equine pr company should have equestrian experience that shows their creativity and their scope. Remember it’s easy to create show-stopping campaigns and results with big budgets. How about their success with brands your size? Do your homework.

  1. Spot The Difference

What makes an equestrian pr agency different? Our agency is different from the other pr agencies within our sector due to our knowledge and unique experience combined. To add to our awards, we were also recently awarded the title of ‘Ones To Watch In Public Relations Solutions 2019’ in the Global Insight Business Awards 2019 . If you want your brand to stand out from the competition, choose an agency that is different.

  1. Why Appoint An Equestrian PR?

Why do you need PR and Marketing? Is it because you are short on time or feel you need expert help to take your brand to the next level. Perhaps you need an equestrian professional to manage your social media channels. Understanding why you want to hire a PR Professional and being realistic in your expectations is essential. Take time to consider both and don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and have a chat.


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