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How To Grow Your Equestrian Business On Social Media

As certified social media experts, our Equestrian PR Team have a wealth of experience in building brand profiles and presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In this blog, the MirrorMePR Team share some advice to help you grow your equestrian brand through the power of social media.


1. Be Consistent

Remember to be consistent in your tone of voice and brand personality. Very often we see social channels with a schizophrenic feel in their feed. Remember who you are and what you stand for when creating or sharing content. What you love personally might not be the right fit for your brand. We spend a considerable amount of time planning content and creating posts which reflect our client’s personas. Each brand is individual and should have its own unique voice.


2. Be Genuine

From your boasts through to your followers, always be honest to your audience. If you can claim to be the only equestrian brand to offer that particular service or product, then shout about it but if you know that your competitors also provide the same service or product then look for another USP. You need to be honest and open with your fans and build trust. The same goes for buying followers. While the numbers game might look impressive to the uneducated eye, we can quickly tell brands which have purchased a massive chunk of their followers. With the on-going crackdown from Twitter and more recently we’ve noticed, also on Instagram, brands that continue to buy followers not only risk looking dishonest to their genuine fan base but also the embarrassment of losing thousands of followers rapidly as these platforms clean up the sites.


3. Get Creative

Beating the scroll through is a challenge that all businesses face, but there are plenty of apps and online tools, which can offer a low-cost alternative to employing a full-time designer to create eye-catching content for your social channels. We monitor our client’s channels very carefully and on a weekly basis to review what has been a huge hit on social and what doesn’t seem to resonate with their fans. Each brand is different, and it takes time to get to know your social media audience. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


4. Picture Perfect

They say an image can say a thousand words and if you flaunt copyright laws by screen grabbing an image from someone else’s social media news feed or Google, it could cost you thousands if the owner of that content did not permit you to use that image. Reposting someone else’s content on Instagram and then tagging them in is not acceptable. It’s basically the same as saying ‘Hey I just stole your content for my page but just, so you know, I’m tagging you in as an afterthought’ Not only incredibly rude and unprofessional but again without permission, you could end up in hot water. Create your own content to keep your social media channels unique to you and if you want to share someone else’s content, then make sure you ask via a message and check that they own the copyright of the said image. You would be surprised at how many businesses that should know better are merrily ‘stealing’ images off the Internet, a casual mention in the wording then posting on their channels. Don’t think you won’t get found out either. With intelligent search tools, it’s easier than ever to get alerts on keywords or brand names.


5. Appoint The Experts

Our most favourite quote to date has to be from a brand that approached us regarding our social media services. After reviewing our proposal and rates, they replied ‘If we want to post pretty images on Instagram, we’ll do it ourselves.” This lack of understanding is rife amongst those who just don’t understand the enormous undertaking that managing business social media pages is. If it were as simple as ‘posting pretty pictures’, then we wouldn’t also be spending a considerable amount of time constantly reviewing social media algorithms, adapting content to fit with the best times to post, checking performances of content and working on ad creation and audience profiling (the list goes on). All of these factors are crucial to a brand’s social success and increased brand awareness. The benefits which our social media clients see in naturally organic follower growth, healthy engagement levels, strategic campaign planning to support new launches and events are all part of the job for our social media team.  All this, and not to mention the fact that you can concentrate fully on your role within the business, confident in the knowledge that your brand is in safe and capable hands.


Feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing digital world? Our equestrian PR team are qualified social media experts, and with over 25 years of collective experience working with equestrian brands, we have the expertise to take your brand galloping onto great things. Get social or drop us a line at [email protected]

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