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2 horses and their riders on a sunny beach as part of luxury riding holidays.

Fancy galloping bareback on a sandy beach and swimming on horseback in the sea, or watching the sunrise on safari? The equestrian PR team have cherry-picked their favourite destinations, combining luxury and horse riding in fantastic settings. So, here are our dream luxury riding holidays!

South Africa

What could be more exciting than seeing elephants, zebras and giraffes straight from the saddle? We think this has to be your ultimate riding holiday experience. This kind of riding holiday does require a good level of fitness and riding experience. You will be spending hours riding out into the wild. Staying in a luxury tent with decking, hot shower and pool has to be the perfect way to relax and unwind.


Breathtaking scenery and quality Irish horses make a riding holiday in Ireland a must-do for any passionate equestrian. Our equestrian PR team would be taking full advantage of the amazing facilities that horse riding in Ireland offers from galloping across vast open terrine, tackling cross-country courses through to enjoying a well-deserved pint of Guinness in the evening!


The home of polo. We would relish the opportunity to learn the sport of kings in this amazing country. Look to train with one of the top polo clubs to fine tune your polo skills or if you are a beginner, then learning from the best is always a good start! The glamour, thrill and social aspect of a polo riding holiday in Argentina is certainly on our bucket list.


Representing so many brands who specialise in dressage, it is a discipline close to our equine marketing team’s hearts. We can’t think of anything better than having a week filled with classical dressage lessons on beautiful schoolmasters in the sunshine.  Polishing up on our Piaffe and Passage too!


Channel your inner cowgirl (or cowboy) with a riding holiday on a ranch. Some of the ranch holidays are amazing and give you a real taste of life on a working ranch. From trailing cattle to summer pastures through to riding home bred horses across epic landscapes – an unforgettable experience!

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