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Your wardrobe might be ‘on trend’ but what about your home? Fashionable homes are getting a luxury makeover for 2019, and our luxury PR team think that it looks gorgeous!

We spoke to our client, Steph Briggs, interior design guru and founder of the fabulous gifts and interiors emporium, La Di Da Interiors, for her top tips on ensuring your home is properly dressed for 2019!

Colour With Impact

“The most significant trend I think we will see for 2019 is a move towards more experimentation with colour on walls. For some time now colour has conservatively been introduced through soft furnishings and accessories.”

“However, we are already seeing a shift towards bringing warmth in paint choices such as Pillar Box Red, Burnt Orange and the Pantone colour of the year, coral. Pinks are massive this year and for a more subtle take on colour, dusky pink is proving to be a winner. It works beautifully with neutral tones – the existing trend for grey interiors.” 

Going For Gold

“For so long chrome has been a strong interior design story. In 2018 we saw copper and rose gold featuring strongly. For 2019 I think we will see a return to brass and gold, bringing gorgeous warm tones to your home again.”

“Picking out highlights in an otherwise neutral room will move the eye around the room bringing the space alive and add instant glamour. Not ready for full on gold? A matte finish or Rose Gold is a lovely warm metal tone to work with and fits perfectly with the Dusky Pink colour story that is so on trend now.” 

Geometric Genius

“I love working with geometric patterns and shapes into the home. They add beautiful details to a room. I love upcycling pieces of furniture when a client is looking to add something different and unique to their home. Sourcing original pieces from the 1960s and 1970s can make a bold statement in a space and you can use strong colours too.” 

Silk & Velvet

“You don’t get more luxurious than silk and velvet as fabric choices. This year I think we are going to see a move towards scrumptious tactile fabrics that add a touch of opulence to your home. Choose silk and velvet to add a decadence that is in reach of everyone’s home, whether you live in an urban flat or stately manor.”- our luxury PR team are big fans of this one!


Keeping It Black & White

For those who find the world of interior design confusing or even scary! Grey interiors have peaked in 2018, Black & White as an interior trend is set to return for a timeless combination that is both modern and fresh but incredibly easy to create. Also goes fabulously with the shades of grey approach which is so popular. 


About Steph Briggs:

Stephanie Briggs owns and heads up the small team at La Di Da Interiors. A brick and mortar store in the heart of Hampshire, with a global customer base for their online retail business.

With a degree in Jewellery & Silversmithing and a corporate background, Steph founded La Di Da Interiors back in 2011 and has established herself as a much sought after creative, having been featured in publications such as Hampshire Life Magazine, The Lady and The Art Of Design Magazine to name just a few.


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