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Whether you run an aesthetics business or a beauty salon, the digital marketing strategies that you apply to your beauty business have the potential to supercharge your business to a new level. Our award-winning Beauty Marketing Team shares their six beauty marketing strategies in this business blog.


Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborate with influencers to help spread the word on your services or products. Aligning your beauty brand with the right beauty influencers can help give authenticity to your brand. Work with influencers to ‘spread the word.’ Influencers can help develop your beauty brand.


Blogging With Brilliance

As certified copywriters and qualified journalists, our Beauty PR Team are experts in writing copy for clients’ websites to attract, inform, educate and entertain visitors on your website. We also incorporate SEO work to help support your visibility organically on the web. Your website’s blog content is so important.


Invest In Your Website

Whether you only sell online or are a brick and mortar business, your website should reflect your business. A low-quality website that is not updated and features poorly written copy will never be an excellent first impression. A website that is difficult to navigate will also turn off website visitors and most likely affect your website ranking and SEO. A beauty business is about appearance and aesthetics so make sure your website reflects this ethos. Getting your beauty company to rank on Google is an art, choose a professional to guide and support your efforts.


Beauty Events

Your digital marketing strategies should include beauty events. If you’re planning a beauty event, make sure you publicise it on social media and put some spending behind it. If you have a Facebook page, you will need to promote your event with some low-level spending to help boost the page. This will enable you to reach a much wider audience than organic posting.


Focus On Building Good Reviews

Good reviews will help your business flourish. Invite clients and customers to leave reviews on your Facebook page and verified review platforms such as Trustpilot or Feefo. Reviews can elevate your brand positioning and are the digital ‘word of mouth’ your company and business need.


Spread The Word For Your Beauty Business

Your social media channels give you the ideal opportunity to spread the word about your business services and products. Your digital marketing strategies should include your social media channels. We always recommend that clients have at least two channel visibility. Putting all your efforts into one channel might give you a fantastic return, but you wouldn’t have a backup if anything were to happen to your profile.

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