5 Tips For Getting Your Beauty Website To Rank On The First Page Of Google
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Whether you are a new generation beauty brand or an emerging beauty expert, your website matters. From the layout through to the blog content you upload, our Beauty Marketing Team shares their expert tips for helping your beauty website rank on the first page of Google.


SEO Your Website

Get a professional to help craft your SEO on your website. Keyword stuffing, for the sake of it, will reduce the quality of your website content and could have a negative impact on your SEO efforts. Putting together a list of keywords and longtail words for your business and industry will help you plan future content.


Update Regularly

Update your website regularly with news and professionally written content, including blogs. Uploading regular and relevant blog content shows Google (and new and returning visitors) that you have an active website. Adding new content is not only be helpful from an SEO perspective, but it also allows you to share your valuable content across your social media channels. Sharing your website content on your social media is a great way to get more eyeballs and more clicks on your website.


Review Your Website’s Performance

The build and functionality of your website can all impact your website’s performance and, ultimately, the way Google scrolls it. Poor loading times, cranky mapping and layout, irrelevant or poorly written copy? you may have a more difficult time convincing Google to rank your beauty website on the first page of Google.


Appoint A Beauty PR

Appointing a professional Beauty PR Agency will help your brand awareness and your SEO efforts on your website. But what is beauty pr? Publicity in print will drive traffic to your website. Publicity on digital platforms will drive traffic and help build your library of backlinks to help develop your website’s authority. Coverage like this piece in the Daily Express for our Aesthetics client is just one of the ways we help our clients boost their website presence.


Google Ads

Google Ads should be an ‘alongside’ not an ‘or’ investing time in your website. Calculated spending can benefit your business and needs to be managed to keep a cap on your budgets running away.

Discover How PR Can Help Your Backlinks & SEO Efforts.