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Whether you are a small beauty start-up or a successful beauty brand growing with gusto, developing your beauty business is a skill and an art. Our Beauty PR have a wealth of experience in beauty consultancy and wellness brand PR management, so who better to ask!

  1. Be Consistent

Ensure that your brand is consistent across all mediums. Your social media channels should be a reflection of your brand both in their tone of voice and personality. While each platform might have a slightly different feel and content, any extension of your beauty brand needs to be instantly familiar to the visitor to instil consumer trust and confidence.


  1. Take Advantage Of Those Beauty Clicks!

Is your website and customer service team set up to grab opportunities?

Whether you sell make-up or are a master masseuse, take advantage of those beauty clicks by putting your beauty business in the expert’s chair. Sharing your knowledge and skills via your team or an Ambassador is a fantastic way to get your message out there. Our Team are certified in SEO copy writing, so our client’s blog content uses this opportunity to pull in ‘passing trade’ and also establishes our clients as an authority within their sector.


  1. Plan Your Brand Development

Every business needs a plan. Short term and long term goals are essential for any business, but many new businesses can struggle with prioritising those steps. Small Business Coaching is a super way to see the wood for the trees. For established brands, working with a PR Agency can bring fresh, new ideas and connections which will support your vision and turn them into a reality.


  1. Focus On Your USP’s

What are your unique selling points?

Whether you are a cool beauty brand such as Milk MakeUp, a skilled beauty practitioner and beauty guru like  Dr Stefanie Williams or an award-winning boutique beauty salon, focusing on your strengths will amplify those aspects of your business and service that set you apart from the competition. Building your marketing activity around these is a good starting place.


  1. Know Your Customer

Who is your customer? Knowing who you are selling to, their likes and dislikes and their pain points are invaluable to any business, and for a beauty brand or company, these are essential. With time you will start to recognise familiarities amongst your customers and tapping into topics that resonate with your core client base is invaluable to your company.


  1. Get Some Expert Advice

There’s a reason why brands become successful. Yes, you need to have a fabulous product, but that’s only part of your success story. You also need to ensure that people know about your brand.

THAT’s where brilliant beauty PR & marketing begins!

From Influencer Marketing , Social Media Management and strategic PR campaigns through to events, we offer a 360 approach for your brand.

What Is Beauty PR & What Can It Do For My Business? We explain all!


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