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Whether you rent or own your property, our award-winning Lifestyle Marketing Team shares their top 5 interior design ideas to elevate your home and decor.


Celebrate A Blank Canvas With Colour

Home interiors can often feel like a bland ocean of white or magnolia painted walls if you’re renting. Most landlords will have a clause in place that prevents you from changing the colour of the walls or putting holes in the walls. However, there is plenty that you can do to brighten up your rented home. 


Opt for colourful accessories and celebrate a blank canvas with colour. Movable homeware you can take with you when you move is ideal temporary ‘fixes’ to upscale your interior. Choose colourful and patterned throws, rugs, cushions, vases and lamps to inject colour and breathe new life into your home.


Upcycle Furniture

Looking to add that designer feel to your home but on a budget? Choosing to upcycle your wooden furniture with a lick of paint can instantly update and refresh the look and feel of your room. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to follow and even more inspiration on Pinterest


Vintage & Fabulous

Vintage and retro furniture doesn’t have to be expensive and can become the statement piece that every home or room deserves. Scour Facebook Marketplace and eBay online and head out regularly to your local charity shops to discover that one-off piece that will be your interior design game changer. Whether it’s updating your home office or bedroom.


Be Inspired

Be inspired in your choices and create a Pinterest board of your own. This will allow you to gather ideas and pull together a theme or look with ease. Take into consideration the size of your room and look for interior design ideas that would work with the space. Some interior design ideas can work perfectly in larger rooms but make your average-sized home or room feel overwhelming or too busy. Take elements of grandeur and scale down to suit your home.


Add Impact To Your Entrance Hall

They say first impressions count, so include your entrance hall in your interior design spec. Instead of a dumping ground for bags, shoes and coats, transform your hallway with practical storage options to hide away clutter and homeware that will make you happy every time you step through the door.


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