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You’ve already got one dog at home, so it may have crossed your mind to ‘a friend’ to keep your dog company. In this blog, our Pet PR Team share their experiences and thoughts when considering if introducing a second dog into your home is a good idea.


Double The Fun & Cost

Whilst your dog might love a new friend. Consider the additional costs that having a second dog will bring. Not only will you have another mouth to feed, but insurances and vet bills are also a considerable outlay in the dog’s lifetime. 


Friends For Life

Not all dogs appreciate sharing their home or humans. Finding a dog that not only fits with your family and lifestyle but one that your dog gets on with can take time. Consider adopting a dog from a rescue centre. They will be able to match you with appropriate dogs.


Adopt Don’t Shop

Rescue centres are full of young and old dogs looking for long-term loving homes. Choosing to adopt a dog is hugely worthwhile and fulfilling. Not only will the rescue centre help you choose the right fur friend for your dog, but they are a support lifeline in those early settling-in days, weeks and months ahead.


Puppy Or Older Dog

If you have your heart set on a puppy, consider your current dog’s age and temperament. An older dog might find having a boisterous and playful puppy around the house highly stressful and disruptive. Choosing an adoption dog more akin to your dog’s age could be a more suitable match. They will also share their tips for adopting a rescue dog for a successful outcome.


Holiday Hounds

Love taking your dog away with you on family holidays? Remember that some self-catering accommodation stipulates a dog limit, and most hotels charge a supplement per dog. If you’re planning on kennels or a dog sitter, that’s double the cost. Asking a family member to look after your dog for a week might be possible, but double check they would be happy to look after two dogs in the future when considering getting a second dog.


Think Of The Reasons Why You Want A Second Dog

It’s essential to consider why you want a second dog. Are you getting another dog for company or to cure separation anxiety in your dog? Separation anxiety can be very deep-rooted, and most dogs do not take comfort from other dogs within the environment. It could also unsettle your second dog, so ensure you iron out any behavioural issues with your current dog before introducing a second dog.


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