7 Reasons Why You Should Think About Adopting A Rescue Dog
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Adopting a rescue dog can be rewarding in so many ways. In this blog, our Doggie PR Team shares 7 reasons why you should think about adopting a rescue dog.


You’ll Find The Perfect Match

Responsible rescue homes ensure they match dogs to owners’ needs and lifestyle, so there is less chance of not working out. The joy of adopting a rescue dog is that whilst you may not have the dog’s life history, he or she will have been thoroughly assessed before coming home with you.


A Support Lifeline

Most responsible dog rescue centres will also offer fantastic support to adopters, should you find you are struggling for any particular reason. An invaluable lifeline in those early days of dog ownership, they are experienced, knowledgeable and helpful, so you won’t feel alone in tackling any issues you might encounter during those early days.


Unconditional Love

Not every dog comes unhouse trained or with behavioural issues. Some dogs enter rescue centres because their owner might have been too ill to look after them or may have died. These dogs will be feeling a profound loss just as we would after a lifetime of love and companionship. Who wouldn’t want to fill their empty heart with love?


You Won’t Be Supporting The Supply Demand For Puppies

As the demand for puppies continues, so it fuels unscrupulous breeding practices and puppy farms. Choosing a rescue dog doesn’t mean choosing an older dog. Many rescue centres will find themselves with new-borns or younger dogs looking for the perfect home. Giving a young dog or a puppy a good start in life is essential for dog rescue centres. Be prepared to be put on a waiting list or have your application reviewed case by case. They want you and the dog to be the perfect fit for each other, so it’s worth the wait.


Mature Mutts Are Magic

Rehoming an older dog is the perfect way to have a calm companion in your life. Adopting an older rescue dog is also an excellent way to give a dog that might otherwise get overlooked for a puppy, a home for life. With age comes wisdom and yes, you can teach an old dog tricks. We know, a member of our team has a mature rescue dog who has proved far more trainable than the other dogs brought up from puppies!


You Can Still Spoil Them Rotten

Some of the fun of getting a new puppy is buying all those new accessories and toys. You can still spoil your adopted dog rotten too! The great thing is that the rescue centre will probably have a good idea of your new dog’s likes and loves, so choosing the perfect bed, toy and even harness can be done with confidence!


It Feels Good!

Rescue dogs really do give you unconditional love. To know that you have given a gorgeous dog, a loving home and secure future is the best feeling in the world. Rescue dogs no matter what age soon become part of the family and trust us; you won’t be able to imagine life without them! Also did you know that owning a dog is good for your health too? Scientific studies say so!


Adopting a rescue dog can be hugely rewarding and quickly become a much-loved member of your family.


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