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Our brand experience lies within the luxury industry. As an award-winning social media marketing agency, we know what works and what doesn’t for luxury brands with over 40+ years of marketing for luxury brands. This blog shares our ultimate guide to luxury brand marketing channels and how to choose the right ones for your business. 


Where Do Your Customers Hang Out?

This is the first question you must explore if you want to focus your social media efforts and digital marketing in a profitable direction. Does your target audience favour a particular social media platform? Do they hang out on TikTok or prefer Facebook and YouTube? Most of our clients have at least two or three channels that they focus on for their business profiles and luxury products. Establishing where your target market like to spend their time will form the foundation for your marketing strategies.

 Do your customer research and invest your time and energy into these channels. Over time, the platform changes, or you may wish to target a different demographic, so we always advise setting up an account on a new platform, even if it remains private. This step ensures you secure a profile name which reflects your current active social profile names.


Talk The Talk

Every brand should have its unique tone of voice, which flows through all its marketing, including its social media channels. Your luxury brand can still ooze luxury even if it’s playful in conversation, appealing to a younger luxury-loving demographic. Luxury consumers are your target customers. If your luxury brand finds Instagram a good fit, then grow your brand online with conversational posts featuring modern luxury which engage and inspire.


Content Creators

International luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton have dedicated social media teams devoted entirely to creating social media content. A marketing manager heads up each platform. Luxury brands have vast social media marketing budgets, including employing full-time videographers and photographers. 

 If you have the time to create high-quality video content that reflects your brand, then Youtube or TikTok could be a serious consideration. If you have limited time and resources, rely on in-house image stock. Limited budgets for shoot days should look at Instagram, focusing on Reels. Appointing a creative social media marketing agency is also a great way to repurpose and reimagine your imagery and brand messages. We manage our busy luxury client’s channels, create engaging content and organise content photography and videography shoots to build a bulk library of content which we will then use for months.

 Influencer marketing can play a significant role in reaching new audiences with user-generated content. You may find working with a celebrity influencer works well for your business. However, micro-influencers can work well for some brands. 


Print, Post & Newsletters

As a luxury PR agency, we know that coverage of key products in both print and digital media is essential for our luxury clients. Still, there are other forms of traditional marketing making a comeback. Big luxury brands are returning to bespoke postal marketing with luxury printed brochures. Email newsletters continue to rise in popularity as they pop a little touch of luxury into your inbox. The luxury market is full of brands keen to capture affluent consumers. Creating luxury marketing strategies tailored exclusively for your business is imperative.

 The luxury goods market is vast, but positioning your brand in front of the right audience is only part of the marketing story. To successfully market your brand, you need skilled luxury marketing experts. 


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