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If your digital marketing focuses primarily on digital channels alone, it’s time to review your marketing strategies, as a handful of traditional marketing tactics make a strong comeback. Our marketing and PR experts share the traditional marketing methods you need for 2023.


Direct Mailing

If you thought mailing out to customers was so 1995, then now is the time to reconsider! According to one study, consumers tend to consider direct mail promotion when moving closer to a purchase decision. While you can ignore social media advertising, something popping through your letterbox is more likely to get a look. Including retail marketing promotional offers with codes is also a great way to track your ROI.


Think of your direct mailing as the ideal consumer marketing opportunity. Showcase the product in question or product ranges alongside your business cards in a consumer-friendly, visually exciting and digestible format to support your PR efforts.


With direct mailing, you need to ensure that you are hyper-targeted in your audience. Studies have also shown that unless consumers are familiar with your brand or already customers, they are 68% more likely to throw away your content if they are not interested or not familiar with your brand.


Email Marketing

Email marking is a very traditional marketing strategy and one of the more traditional marketing channels, but it’s certainly coming back for 2023. We include email marketing as a vital service to our clients. We create campaigns that support our digital and PR workflow, offering value to our client’s newsletter subscribers. 


Visually appealing, our newsletter planning allows our clients to sit back and reap the rewards of our efforts under our experienced direction. As qualified journalists, we write engaging subject lines and copy. The results we see in performance and subscriber rates increase across the board. 


You may have sign-ups from potential customers who have never purchased from you but just like the brand and want to be involved. Email marketing should be one of your marketing activities to consider for brand loyalty

Even if you focus on B2B products, email marketing is a powerful tool for marketing managers. It is an essential consideration in your marketing planning process.


Traditional Marketing Methods Include Print Advertising

‘Print is not dead’. It’s very much alive and kicking. Ten years ago, traditional marketing campaigns would always include their fair share of print and be at the core of your marketing communications. Whilst it wavered for a time as marketers explored new digital opportunities, these traditional marketing methods are making a return. One university study found that consumers recall physical adverts more efficiently, which makes sense when you are bombarded on social media with a visual and audio overload! 


The theory is that your prospective customers are becoming digitally fatigued. This plus ‘ad blockers’ means your advert is served only partially to the consumers you want to reach. Choose the right print title for your brand, and you have a receptive target market who will see and read your advert.


You may not see a direct return on investment as you would on a digital advert with a direct click-through. However, you may see a lift in general website sales and traffic during and after the publication has taken off the shelves. Monitoring your social media reach and interaction during any print activity is equally important. Gauge how your print advertising is working by these metrics. Another essential aspect to note is that one study showed that print is still one of the consumers’ most trusted forms of news and information.


Return Of The Blogs

We’ve never been busier writing blog content for clients. One of the more traditional marketing methods, as qualified journalists and certified copywriters, we create content that supports your SEO efforts. Your blog content is so important. Getting the edge against your competition and drawing on traffic has never been more critical following the Pandemic; the competition is greater than ever. Well-written and resourced blog content gives your website visitors something exciting and valuable to read, keeping them browsing for longer.


The longer your visitors stay on your website, the lower your bounce rate, which goes towards Google deciding (amongst other factors) where to rank you in the organic search listing. Blog writing is a fantastic example of inbound marketing that we know works.


Your traditional marketing methods and plans should include blog writing to support your key marketing messages and add zest to your marketing mix to relationship marketing ratio.


Traditional Marketing Welcomes Face To Face Interaction

With the emergence of Zoom during the Pandemic as a way for businesses to get together for face-to-face interactions, our round-up of traditional marketing tactics has to include face-to-face meetings. Whether virtual or in person. The return of the face-to-face meeting supports the theory that we can better read body language and subtle facial cues that we lose by phone or email communication. A face-to-face meeting will naturally ebb and flow. A phone and email conversations can become sticky because you can only judge intentions or mood clearly with visual cues. 


Public Relations And Advertising

We’ve already covered examples of advertising media in this blog, but PR really does support your advertising effectiveness. We saw PR drop off in the smaller sectors for a few years. However, brands and businesses are now waking up to the fact that social media marketing isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ in your marketing activities. It is PART of the bigger picture. There is a reason why, even in hard times, forward-thinking businesses continue to invest in their PR teams. In difficult economic times, you need a team to keep you at the forefront of your customer’s minds. If you don’t, your competition will!


We plan our client’s advertising spend to co-inside with PR campaigns so that consumers are already familiar with the brand. For example, our equine marketing can help your equestrian business by creating campaigns that embrace the client’s associated sponsored riders or influencers to build trust and familiarity in the first instance, then incorporate them into future paid campaigns. Beauty marketing will make your brand known and seen before you invest money in paid campaigns.

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