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Whether you’re working from home full time or just a few days a week, make your home office a stylish, functional workspace that you’ll love. Improve your home office with these expert interior design tips from our fantastic client, Steph Briggs of La Di Da Interiors.


Home Office Comforts


Being comfortable in your home office is paramount, as Steph explains;

” Find accessories that you adore and make you smile each time you sit down for work. Plants also inject life and calm energy to any office but consider some quality faux alternatives if you don’t have green fingers. Faux plants are perfect for workspaces without much natural light.


Desk Delights


Forget a boring flat-pack desk design. According to Steph, your office desk should be a delight and be a stylish element of your office;


” A glamorous desk set at the right height for the individual. Corporate colours and practical laminate desks no longer bind us. Splashes of colour, unique patterns and prints, beautiful artwork and scented flowers all make for a delightfully beautiful and joyfully personal, individual place of work. Via Zoom, your home office is an extension of your work wardrobe, a reflection of your style and personality.”


Upcycle Your Furniture


If your former bedroom now turned office space is looking a mix-mash of furniture, Steph has a cost-effective way to pull all your existing mismatched furniture together by painting it!


“We offer both physical and online furniture painting workshops to help you transform your furniture from pre-loved to much loved.” Explains Steph.


“We also love using the vegan-friendly Cornish Milk Mineral Paint which is made in the UK using natural earth pigments and achieves a super smooth Matt finish.”


Light Of My Life


If you are spending considerable time at your desk, consider the lighting in the room and your desk’s position. A window view might be bliss to gaze out of, but it is impossible to view your computer screen? Overhead spotlight positions are also a consideration when planning where to put your desk and chair.


” Lighting is essential, so choose well to avoid eye strain,” says Steph.

” A stylish lamp can add light but also personality to your desk.”


Improve Your Open Plan Office


If your office area is in a large open plan space that connects other areas of the home, Steph has this tip;


” Invest in a Large rug. These work well on hard floors, and you can create different zones within one room. For example, if you have an office area at one end, then place the table and chair on a rug to give it definition.”


Photo Of Pink Desk By Annie Solan.


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