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Whether you want to transform your home or simply give the walls a refresh, our Luxury Lifestyle PR Team shares the interior design trends you’ll want to try.


metallic interior designMetallics

Metallics in the home give your interior a super cool edge to your home. From hammered metal wall panels through to metallic highlights, choose your metal and build your room colour to compliment. Mix metals if you dare!






interior design trend indoor plants

Indoor Plants

Adding indoor plants to your home can transform your home. Go big and leafy to bring impact to the room. If you don’t have green fingers, opt for realistic faux plants to emulate this interior trend.





geometric shapes interior designGeometric Shapes

Adding geometric lines to your home can transform a dull space into something that draws and delights the eye. From integrated design to geometric highlights through soft furnishes, wall art or light fittings, it’s an easy way to transform your home.





retro interior designRetro

Retro interior trends don’t have to be in a time warp – adding a retro twist to your room is easy with accessories, furniture or wall colour or statement walls. The ’70s is a big interior design trend. Look to bring elements of this loud decade gently into your home. Pick one or two bold statements to set the theme and work backwards from there.





cosy living room chairCosy

Think ‘tactile’ for this interior design trend. Think Scandinavian with a light colour palette of ash grey and chalk for a light inspiring space. Add a cosy and luxurious element to this interior trend, with wool throws, deep pile rugs and realistic faux fur cushions that have instant luxe appeal. Choose tactile additions to add warmth to this clean living space trend.





living room with statement clockStatement Pieces

Every room deserves a focal point. Choose your statement piece as a functional piece that will bring you great joy. Usually, an investment, choose wisely, and it will most likely increase in value over time. 






black and white home interior designBlack & White

Monochrome is back but not ’90’s style! Keep your base colour white with hints of natural wood (to avoid said ’90’s look!) and add black through geometric patterns and block colour. Add elements of dove grey to soften the look.






earthy toned living room interior Earthy Tones

Earthy tones work beautifully in large spaces to give warmth to an otherwise imposing area. Be careful using ceiling to floor earthy tones on a small room, as it can engulf the room and make it too dark.  For smaller spaces, bring natural wood, expose wall brickwork and exposed floorboards or engineered oak flooring to tick this trend.






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