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As we head into the long winter months, it’s easy to reach for your uniform of dark and drab clothing, but research has shown that just wearing a yellow can positively impact your mindset. Researchers Keith Jacobs and Frank Hustmyer discovered in 1974 that colours could even change our heart rate, respiration and blood pressure – the phycology of colour really is a thing!


In this blog, our Lifestyle Marketing Team talk about colour and how to brighten up your winter wardrobe: simple ways you can add something different without sending you running back to black.




A lot of people have issues with wearing colour. They either feel ‘it’s not me’ or tell you, ‘I can’t wear red/blue/green, it doesn’t suit me.’


For some people, the ‘not me’ quote is often a confidence thing. Wearing colour with confidence can be challenging: It makes you stand out more in a sea of brown, navy and black winter clothing. However, dressing in a pop of colour can brighten your mood and turn your dull run of the mill outfit into something more fashion-forward.




So how do you ‘do colour’ without being ‘too much colour’?

Take a neutral base colour of black, navy or brown and add a bright coloured scarf or a polo neck with a base layer with some colour and pattern, a belt with some coloured stitch detail or stones, gloves with colour in their trim or panels and coats with colour details. Start in a small way, and as you grow in confidence, add some more colour.




Regarding colours that don’t suit, it depends on the tone of colour. For example, on some skin tones, the colour blue can drain, but if you choose a cobalt blue or turquoise, it can lift your skin tone. Remember, our skin tone is generally paler in winter, so go for shades with a warmer hue. When you go out shopping next, grab lots of different tops (don’t worry about what they look like for this experiment) and take each one and hold it up under your chin in front of the mirror. Take it away from your face, and then add it again. You should see a difference and start to get a better feel for what works for you and what doesn’t.


Hopefully, we’ve given you a few ‘bright’ ideas to try out this winter!


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