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Whether your office desk is corporate or home working, our Lifestyle Team shares their tips to declutter your office desk for #CleanYourDeskDay.


Spring Clean

Along with spring cleaning your home, don’t forget to spring clean your office desk. Removing all items including your monitor and keyboard, mouse pad and files so you can thoroughly clean the desk surface. Clean everything before putting it back onto your desk and sort through those piles of paperwork, files and even pen pots.


Go Paperless

Are you drowning underneath a mountain of paper and post-it notes? Create space and save our trees by keeping essential emails filed in your email box and documents on your computer, backed up in the cloud. You’ll still be able to access them quickly, and your desk will be so much more ‘zen’.


Clean Up Your Act

Your desk is a breeding ground for germs. According to one study, your desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet (remember that next time you sit at your desk to eat lunch). Cleaning your desk, especially your keyboard and mouse regularly with antibacterial products, is so important.


Get Organised

A tidy desk will ensure that you start your day off in the right way. Make it that end of the day job to declutter and organise your desk space, so you return to the office with space to think and work!  Invest in paper trays, pen organisers and an online diary to keep you and your desk more organised. If you can add shelves to the walls surrounding your work station, these will add more desk space.


Add Personality

Just because your desk is your workplace, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add some personality to it. From choosing a screen saver on your desktop that makes you smile through to cool desk organisers. We love these animal pen pots from our clients, La Di Da Interiors for combining organising with a touch of character. Adding a personalised mouse mat with a photo or inspirational quote is a fun touch to your desk. If your home working desk faces a boring bare wall, add some artwork to brighten up your working zone.

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