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As a luxury lifestyle digital agency, we share the best digital marketing trends that you’ll want to tap into for your brand in 2021.


Virtual Events 

With COVID 19 putting play to physical events, the emergence and popularity of virtual events have started to build. Be prepared to grasp this digital marketing trend with both hands for plenty of opportunities to connect and sell to your target audience. Pre-records or go all out with live content! There are so many accessible tools to choose from. Therefore, we think virtual events will become the norm in digital marketing trends.



In 2020 we saw a positive shift in thinking and action. Finally, the representation of the broader population began to be reflected. Inclusivity is rapidly becoming top of the agenda for brands and businesses across all sectors. And this is one of the most prominent digital marketing trends. Ensure that you reflect this positive change in your businesses’ digital presence. This will ensure that your public content reflects diversity. But it must always be with a genuine narrative relevant to your business.


Shout About Sustainability

Savvy consumers are looking more and more to buy from ethical businesses with a focus on sustainability and eco. We predict that these elements will become your hero selling points for 2021. Shout about these and build a trusted and stronger relationship with your customers. Sustainability is a strong story in digital marketing trends for 2021. Whether it’s a glimpse behind the scenes at the manufacturing level or personal sentiments with the MD of the brand. Make sure this is included in your strategy!


Visual Searches 

Up your game in 2021 with even better video and photography. Increased activity on social media means more noise to cut through. Impactful visuals that ‘stop the scroll’ are a sound investment in your digital marketing strategy. Make sure that you optimise every opportunity online for brand discovery by adding alt descriptions to all your images and include your target SEO keywords in the file name of your image. 


Get Interactive

Building a relationship with your customer should be central to any digital activity, from well-written copy that resonates with your customer through to conversations on social media. Keep the conversation going in 2021.


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