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Lockdown hasn’t been great for your pocket, but as our Beauty Marketing Team explain, lockdown could offer a rich opportunity that your aesthetics business needs to increase your returning aesthetics clientele.

The lockdown has hit so many industries hard, and the beauty and aesthetics industry is no exception. However enforced time spent away from clients, can be used in a constructive manner and here are five reasons why the lockdown could see your business emerging stronger.

Review Your Aesthetics Business

Reviewing the business regularly is imperative for any business. However, as a busy aesthetics clinic or beauty business, you don’t always have the luxury of time to review, realign and develop your business model and future plans. Use this lockdown time to review your business and future goals constructively.

Be Active On Social Media

Out of sight, out of mind. Retain your presence on social media to keep connected to your aesthetic clients. Use your social media channels effectively to talk about your talent and your past client success. Keep your sentiment on social positive and focused. There is enough doom and gloom around so whilst you may be feeling despondent, try and keep your content uplifting and hopeful. Remind your customers of your exsistance!

Plan For Reopening After Lockdown

With no fixed date, it’s hard to put plans in stone. However, you can, at the very least, put a loose plan in place for reopening. Create social media content that you can tweak nearer the time to announce your reopening. Don’t forget to remind aesthetics clients of your post lockdown COVID protocol again. Draft a ‘welcome back’ newsletter to your clients and maybe including a tempting offer to pull them back in.

Expand Your Knowledge

If you have some missing gaps in your knowledge, now is the time to expand your expertise and horizons. This thirst for knowledge might not be directly connected to your industry but benefit your job, e.g., nutrition, customer services skills, tech, or accounts management.

Be Prepared For First Time Aesthetics Clients

After the first lockdown, our beauty clients saw a flurry of new clients. Be prepared to welcome both new and existing customers back to your business. New customers may have more questions about treatments and services so preparing a guide, or post-treatment tips that you can email or print off and give to your client will save time and assure your clients they are in expert hands.


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