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We have a wealth of experience working with interior designers and interior design businesses. In this Interior design blog, we share six outstanding interior designer marketing ideas that work.  


Review Your Website

You know first impressions count. As a creative making a living out of selling your clients their interior dreams, is your website a nightmare? Your website is your shop window and your online showroom. If your website is poorly written, your photography is low resolution and pixilated, and the site is slow loading, you are negatively impacting your first impressions. Interior designer marketing starts with a great image!


Start A Blog

One of the most straightforward interior marketing ideas is updating your website blog content. Crafting relevant and exciting content that will engage your website visitors and subtly ‘sell your interior design services is beneficial to keeping your website visitors engaged and from an SEO perspective. Your blog content is extremely valuable to your organic ranking, that onboarding certified copywriters and journalists such as ourselves to write your website content means that your website could win you more business over a close competitor.


Become The Expert

We are the experts in raising the profiles of interior designer experts! We know how to position our clients and establish them as industry experts. Whether talking about royal interiors or discussing bathroom colour trends, we know how to create PR stories and get results. Our pro PR tip is to create a good biography so you have something to share on your ‘about us page and for any press opportunities you might secure.


Appoint An Interior Design PR Professional

There is a reason why successful businesses have PR professionals, because PR works! Brand awareness is everything when it comes to having the edge against your competitors. An interior designer marketing and PR professional will know how to share your story and get your profile in the press.PR can also help improve your backlinks and SEO.


Showcase Your Reviews

If you have reviews, then share them. If you don’t have reviews, get some. Customer reviews are an essential part of your interior design business. Ask clients to leave you a customer review by sharing a direct link to your Google My Business page or other review platforms and Facebook. Making it super easy for them to leave you a review with a click or two should convert into more reviews which will help you attract more consumer trust and confidence.


Clean Up Your Digital Footprint

Have you ever Googled your name or business? What comes up? Perhaps you have a forgotten social media account which is still live but hasn’t been updated in years? Little details like this can impact your business profile, so take a look and delete any aspects you have control over so that you clean up your digital footprint.


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