10 Simple Ways You Can Help The Planet | #WorldEnvironmentDay
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As a country and equestrian PR agency, we care about the planet and with #WorldEnvironmentDay on 5th June, and we thought we’d share our top 10 tips and best practices to help make a difference.


  1. Use Recyclable Bags.

Get yourself a few big shopper bags that you can reuse time and time again, and you won’t ever need a plastic bag! They are much sturdier than a plastic bag so will hold more shopping and be easier to unpack back home too.


  1. Use Bio-degradable Dog Poop Bags

It’s not only picking up your dog mess that helps keep the environment clean and pleasant, but using bio-degradable compostable dog poop bags are also a better choice for the planet.


  1. Cycle Or Walk

Taking a ride on your bike or walking will not only help keep you fit and healthy but will help reduce emissions. Alternatively, taking a bus, train or car sharing are other ways to get around and reduce your carbon footprint.


  1. Recycle Everything You Can!

From cardboard to furniture, you can recycle and upcycle! Every little helps and if you are upgrading your furniture, don’t skip it, put it on Preloved for free and give it away to someone who needs it!


  1. Print Only What You Need

We have a strict policy in place in the office that we only ever print what we really need. Any paper that we have finished with is then filed and used as scrap paper and then recycled. We also recycle our print cartridges. This is the perfect way to start your personal mission to save the planet on #WorldEnvironmentDay!


  1. Coffee On The Go

All the team have their own re-usable MirrorMePR portable hot drink mugs, so we use these to refill our caffeine fixes if we stop off for a takeaway coffee anywhere. We love these Bamboo Coffee Cups from our clients gifts and interiors store La Di Da Interiors, who also champion upcycling furniture with their various furniture painting workshops with founder and interior designer Steph Briggs.


  1. Shop Local

Try and shop locally as much as you can. You’ll be supporting your local community and buying locally sourced produce from your local greengrocers, bakers or butchers will ensure that your local shops don’t disappear forever and you’ll undoubtedly taste the difference.


  1. Buy From Brands With A Conscience

Support brands that invest back into communities and care about sustainability and the environment. You might be paying a few pennies more but it’s a small price to pay in the bigger picture. Our equestrian clients, Renwick & Sons only use FSC wood in their grooming tools and champion British craftsmanship and (where possible) locally sourced materials.


  1.  Volunteer Your Help!

Find out how you can help the environment in your local community. Contact your local council to enquire about volunteer work. Litter Action is a fantastic organisation that can help you connect with your local litter picking group. Keeping fit and making a difference to your local area.


  1. Educate Yourself

If you care about your environment, then stay informed. Speaking to your local council and MP about any environmental issues you have encountered locally is a good starting point.

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