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Over the years, our Award-Winning Marketing & PR Team have proudly developed hundreds of business leaders’ profiles and positioned our clients as the experts within their relevant industry. In this business blog, we share our advice and tips for building your profile and authority and become an expert within your industry.


Create A Good Bio

Behind every great leader is a great story. Because your story is unique to you and will hold invaluable information that sets you apart from your contemporaries. With our journalist backgrounds, we spend time crafting the perfect bio for our clients. For example, think about all your relevant experience, qualifications and achievements to date. A short, concise biography should highlight the key facts and give the reader an insight into your personality and your vision. If you don’t have a marketing expert to help you and having a professional bio written for you is money well spent. The same applies to your website. Remember, journalists will do their research on you.


Spend Time Building Up Your Persona

You are unlikely to become the media’s choice of ‘expert’ overnight because we would always prefer to take time building your profile up slowly and carefully. Don’t risk being a big flash in the pan only to disappear. Building your persona and positioning you as an expert takes time. We seek out opportunities for clients that will give them kudos and verification of worth. This might be partnering with an established expert in their field or authoring a feature, podcast or article on a subject they are passionate about. To become an expert, you need to build trust with the media and consumers. Taking your time carefully on this journey will reap benefits in the long term.


Appoint An Expert Marketing & PR Agency

Appointing a marketing and PR expert is the only way to really push forward with your expertise. A marketing and PR agent will be able to ‘sell you’ into the press seamlessly. Experts in branding know how to position a ‘product’ perfectly. They know the right way to approach a journalist for a lead. With over 40 years of marketing experience. We know the secret ingredients that go towards transforming a great business leader into a media-friendly and sought after expert.  


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