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In our latest business blog, we explain why PR can help improve your backlinks and SEO.


What Is A Backlink?

In simple terms, a backlink is a link that links one website to another. Backlinks are essential to your business website because they play a crucial part in SEO.


How Can I Create Backlinks For My Website?

Backlinks, also known as incoming links and inbound links, can be created in various ways. One of the most powerful is leveraging your marketing and PR.


Why PR Plays A Crucial Role In Backlinking

We work with our clients to build a library of backlinks through the digital coverage that we generate for our clients. In simple terms, the more authoritative a website is, the stronger its backlink value is to your website. Start to build a library of backlinks to your website from media, influencers and bloggers, and you start to see a lift in your SEO. 


More Than Just PR

It’s not just the PR coverage that makes the difference to our client’s SEO; it’s also the SEO rich content that we write for their blogs that also helps. We do our research to create blog content that is competitive, original and topical. We also help our clients with internal linking their content, further strengthening their SEO.


Social Sharing

As we manage many of our client’s social channels, we also share these well-written and constructed blogs on their social channels, further strengthening the work we are doing on their websites. We drive traffic to your website from external sources and keep the visitors engaged (rather than bouncing off immediately). These and other factors indicate to Google that you offer a rich user experience, and all goes towards how your website is ranking.


Why are backlinks important to my business website?  

Backlinks are the backbone of your business, and there is no fast cheat your way through route. Some companies offer a service where you can buy backlinks. However, a paid-for backlink will have very little or no value by search engines and could even harm your SEO.

Combining your PR & Marketing efforts with continued investment in your website build and development will help improve your SEO and help with your overall ranking. 

In a world where online competition is king, skimping on PR and Marketing doesn’t just mean your brand misses out on the trusted authority it brings in print. Still, you’ll also be missing out on the considerable value it brings to your website and SEO.


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