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Keeping your pets cool this summer is imperative for pet owners. Whether you own a hamster, rat, mouse, dog or cat, you are responsible for keeping your pet safe and healthy during hot weather. Our Pet Brand Marketing Team share tips on keeping pets cool this summer.


Keep Cool In Hot Weather

In extreme heat, you should consider your pet’s health and welfare. Avoid dog walking at peak times in the summer heat, and choose early morning or late evenings to exercise your dog. Ensure your pet has access to shade, and any contained pets such as hamsters, mice, rabbits, and rats and fish tanks are not positioned in full sun at any point during the day.

Just because a room does not have full sun in the early morning, this might not be the case as the sun moves around by late afternoon, so ensure your pet is protected during daylight hours.

If your pet cannot access outdoor space, ensure that the room is kept cool and that fresh water is always available. A mobile air conditioner unit is a great way to cool down a hot house. Offer clean water bowls and for cold water treat, add ice cubes. 

A damp towel is a welcome treat for dogs. Soak the towel in cold water, wring out the excess water, and place it in a shaded garden area. If your dog demonstrates heavy panting, this could be an early sign of heatstroke. Place them on a wet towel in the shade, offer plenty of water and call your emergency vet immediately.


Plan Ahead To Keep Cool

Keep an eye on temperatures. If you know that a hot summer day is forecast, make plans to keep your pet cool and out of the sunny weather. If your pet has a heavy coat or is very young, old or poorly, there is an even greater risk of heatstroke, so be extra vigilant.

Signs of heatstroke in dogs include excessive panting and difficulty breathing, excessive drooling, vomiting and lethargy. 

Keep dogs cool in the summer sun with regular grooming to remove excess hair. Alternatively, have their coat clipped shorter for the summer months. Keep your pet’s coat clean and apply pet-safe sun cream to pink areas to avoid sunburn and skin cancer.


Protect Paws

Surfaces can quickly heat up in the sun, and hot concrete and tiles can burn your pet’s paws. Make sure pavements have cooled down enough before walking your dog. If you are planning a day out with your dog, take bottles of water and offer bowls of water at regular intervals, even if you are in the shade with your furry friend, to help keep their body temperature cool. 

Check your dog’s paws regularly as part of your grooming routine. Just like humans, their skin can become dry, irritated and cracked. Buy a paw balm especially formulated to help soothe sore pads.


Keep Pets Cool This Summer By Offering Cool Treats

If your rabbit or guinea pig lives in a cage outside, make sure they are in the shade and in hot weather. Move them to a larger run with shade to allow for cooler air to circulate. The air temperature in confined spaces will be much higher. Keep your pets comfortable by giving them access to water in extreme temperatures. Offer a shallow container that they can drink from and have a quick dip if they fancy. 

Human ice cream is not good for your dog’s tummies, but you can get the doggie version that your pet will love in hot temperatures! 

Remember that metal bowls can heat up very quickly in the sun, so choose plastic and keep water and food bowls out of the sun.


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