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We love spending time with our fur babies, come rain or shine this summer. Our Pet PR Team share seven dog-friendly activities you can both enjoy this summer.


Dog-Friendly Pubs & Cafes

There are hundreds of dog-friendly pubs and cafes all over the UK. Whether your fancy a wine with your Weimaraner in a country pub or a latte with your labrador in London, there is no reason to leave your dog at home this summer. 


Get Fit Together

Take advantage of the lighter mornings and evenings by getting fit together. Whether going for longer walks or taking a jog in the park twice a week, you and your dog can get fit and have fun.


Beach Babes

While many UK beaches restrict dogs during the summer months or only within certain hours, plenty of beaches welcome well-behaved dogs and owners who clean up after them, dog-friendly beaches are a great day out for all the family, including Fido!


Dog-Friendly Activities You’ll Love

Keep an eye out for any dog festivals in your local area. Dog festivals are a great day out for you and your dog. They often offer some fabulous ‘have a go’ experiences such as dog agility, fun dog shows, fly ball, and dog scurries! You might even discover your dog has a hidden talent!


Life On The Open Road

Take a road trip with your canine friend. As long as you securely fasten your dog when travelling and keep your summer dog cool and comfortable, there is no reason why your dog wouldn’t love a road trip and adventure with you. Discover new walks and places with your best friend.


Stay In A Dog-Friendly Hotel

Whether it’s taking a long weekend or a week away from home, there is no reason why you can’t take your dog along with you. You can enjoy a summer break away from home with your dog from budget to luxury dog-friendly accommodation. 


Doggie Meet-Up’s

Search on social media and Facebook community pages to see if there are any up and coming local doggie meet-ups you can join. Doggie meet-ups are an excellent way for you and your dog to socialise. You can make new friends and have a lot of dog fun on mass!


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