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Whether you are borrow my doggy‘ or take your own dogs for a regular walk, our Dog Brand PR Team shares their ‘pawsome’ tips for dog walking throughout the seasons.


1.Know Your Dog

Whether you are taking your own dog out for a walk or a dog you are unfamiliar with, it’s essential to know your dog; their likes dislikes and be realistic on their recall reliability! 


2.Plan Your Walks

Always plan your walks with the dog in mind. You might be young, fit and healthy, but is the dog able to keep up? Adapt your walks to suit your canine friend. Dog walking is good for your health but make sure the same can be said for your dog!


3.Lead The Way

Be mindful of others when walking your dog. Even if you are walking through an area that permits you to have your dog off the lead, be aware of their behaviour. An over-enthusiastic dog bounding up to a stranger can easily frighten or at worst knock them over. So use your common sense and be a good dog walking citizen.


4.Treat Them Right

Treats should only be used sparingly and for a reward. Dishing out treats can soon add up the calories. If you are walking someone else’s dog, be mindful that they may have allergies or be on a special diet, so ask the owner’s permission first.


5.Tick List

Ticks, fleas and worms are three things you don’t want your dog to return home from his walk with. Keep his vaccinations, flea and worming up to date to avoid these nasties.


6.Safety First

If you are venturing out into the countryside, keep your dog on a lead if you think he will chase wildlife or farm stock. Your dog will still enjoy exploring the country without you having to spend the entire walk worrying about your dog.


7.Cross Check

Before you head out for your walk, make sure your dog’s lead and collar are in good condition, and the dog’s collar is on securely, so there is no chance that he can slip it and runoff. You should be able to slip two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. If the weather is looking bad, make sure you take some dog walking essentials.


8.Be Prepared

This dog walking tip is important. Never venture out without your phone (in case of emergencies) and stay safe walking through remote areas. Carry water with you for you and the dog and don’t forget your poop bags. Always let someone know where you plan to walk and what time you will be home if you are walking alone.


9.Check The Rules

Before you let your dog off the lead in a new park, check that there are ‘no dog’ or ‘dogs on leads only’ signs. There may be certain areas of the park which are wildlife reserves or children’s play areas, so stick to the rules so everyone can enjoy the day.


10.Pick Up Your Poop

Always pick up your dog poop out walking, regardless of the pavement or forest trail. Nobody wants to step in your dog’s mess and even if you have to double bag it and dispose of it back home, you’ll be doing your bit to keep our countryside clean and tidy.


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