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Make-up melting off your face and suncream causing oily skin and spot outbreaks? In this beauty blog, our Beauty Marketing Experts share their beauty hacks for the summer months. Get the glow-up this summer!


Let Your Skin Breathe!

Wearing a full face of make-up during the summer months will never be good for your skin. As the skin warms up, your pores become more open. If you wear layers of powder and foundation, your pores can become blocked, leading to spot outbreaks. The skincare hacks you need in your make-up routine change during summer.

Use the summer months to strip back your make-up routine and opt for lightweight sunscreen, a hint of waterproof mascara, and a touch of cream cheek blush. 

Choose a tinted moisturiser with sunscreen for a healthy summer glow that won’t harm your skin.


Choose A Sunscreen That’s Right For Your Skin

Choose a sunscreen that suits your skin type. If you have oily skin, choose an oil-free and non-comedogenic sun cream which will not clog your pores and cause blemish outbreaks. Some moisturisers have an SPF of 30 or higher, so look for one formulated to support your skin type.

If your skin is dry and sensitive, look for a sunscreen with hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Look for creamy formulations that are fragrance-free and free from phthalates and parabens, which could further irritate your skin.


Drink More Water 

Drinking pints of water in the cold winter months is far less appealing than in the summer. Take advantage of the hotter temperatures and swap coffee and tea for more H20! Drinking water will not only hydrate your body but have a positive effect on your skin too. 

Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily will give you plumper-looking skin. Flushing out toxins, drinking water helps plump the skin, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and aid clear skin.


Swap Creams For Serums

If your beauty routine includes thick moisturising creams, swap them for lighter, hydrating serums. Serums are more lightweight in consistency and more easily absorbed into the skin. Serums can be just as hydrating as your heavy moisturising creams, but they won’t sit on the skin’s surface but penetrate more deeply to give effective summer hydration.


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