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Your make-up skills might be worthy of the front cover of Vogue, but what about your skincare prep? In this blog, our Beauty PR Team shares their favourite skincare hacks you need in your make-up routine right now.


Cleanse For Good

There is no point in applying make-up to dirty skin. You are starting with an unstable base, and you will also be engraining dirt, pollutants and germs deeper into your skin. Wash with a gentle cleanser using gentle circular motions with warm water. Then, splash cold water on your face to help close your pores and promote clear skin. Finish by gently patting your face dry with a clean towel. Apply your moisturiser and allow your skin to breathe, and absorb the moisturiser for at least 10 minutes before applying make-up.


Pucker Up

If your lips are dry and flaky, you need to give them some TLC before applying lipstick. Our favourite DIY lip scrub is coconut oil (to moisturise) with brown sugar. Gently massage the oil with the sugar onto your lips in a gentle circular motion to remove the dead skin and give your lips an intensive moisture hit! Wipe off with a tissue when finished and leave your lips to recover. We’d recommend doing this before you go to bed, and your flaky lips should be no more by the morning!


Dewy, Glowing Skin

Want dewy, glowing skin? Our favourite (and easiest) skincare hack is to drink plenty of water and keep your skin hydrated! Tackling dehydration from inside and out will give your skin a beautifully plump, youthful glow. Choose moisturisers that focus on hydration to boost your skin, and drink around eight glasses of water a day.


Puffy Eyes

If you wake up with puffy eyes, use a refreshing and tightening eye-roller to help reduce under-eye bags and puffiness. Choosing one with mint or caffeine can help you roll your way to less puff! Store it in the fridge for an extra ‘wake-up’ factor. 


If you’re looking for a natural fix, our Natural Beauty Expert & Co-Founder of Raw Beauty Lab, Sonia Bainbridge, recommends;


“Swap cucumbers for cold potato slices which contain a skin-lightening enzyme called catecholase that helps brighten your skin over time. When it comes to your make-up, extend your concealer to the inner eye, which helps give a sense of wakefulness. Finally, swap your liner for a brown shadow to line your lower lash line – not only will it last longer than a cream product, but it will also help your eyes appear wider and more awake.” 


Layer Your Skincare

Layering your skincare before you apply your make-up is essential according to our aesthetics and skincare expert, Amish Patel at Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic;


“Start with the lightest cream and apply in layers. Serums should always be applied first after cleansing due to their molecule formation, allowing greater absorption. Many of my clients find they don’t need to add a moisturiser after using a quality hydrating serum. Before applying make-up, always use a sunscreen, then top up with an SPF powder sunscreen throughout the day.” 


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