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With the yet another recent announcement from Facebook, this time from Mark Zuckerberg on their major move to prioritise ‘meaningful’ over ‘relevant’ content, this latest update is certainly going to have even more impact on the way businesses use Facebook. So is this the death of Facebook for businesses?


The MirrorMePR country PR Social Marketing Team think not, but it will certainly change things.


As news trickles out that shares in Facebook Inc. fell by more than 4% after this announcement, we’re not entirely surprised by the announcement:


Twelve months ago, we predicted that this move would happen eventually. That Facebook would no longer be the land of the ‘free’ for businesses and we as an agency have long been advising and helping clients plan their FB advertising spend. We knew that strategic advertising planning was critical in maintaining a decent reach and engagement on this particular platform and that nothing in life is really free and the same goes for Facebook.


However, we’ve sat back and watched certain brands within our sector ride the ‘Facebook’ wave for quite a few years now: Ditching their PR and marketing and focusing purely on ‘like and share’ competitions. Some brands have gone on to buy ‘fake’ followers, while for others, they’ve inadvertently built an audience full of serial competition entrants, who care little for the brand and just on prize value. Now that these types of ‘engagement baiting’ practices are going to be penalized by Facebook, how are these brands going to fair?


Well, they are probably going to have to do a lot of catch up if they want to be a serious player against their media savvy competitors who have consistently spread their focus across a number of different areas. They will need to take a completely fresh look at their marketing strategies and get some expert help to ensure that they push their brand forward.


We’ve ensured that our brands have always maintained a good presence across key social channels and monitored all these channels closely, adapting strategies to adopt changes in trends and undertaken considerable investment in our own training so that we are knowledgeable and credible in what we do and how we advise our clients as a country PR firm.


So, are we advising our clients to continue with Facebook?


The answer is yes. We will continue to be supporting our clients on Facebook with engaging content and creative advertising, as well as doing everything else we do as an award-winning agency within our sector.


Ensuring that our clients have an awesome presence across multiple media platforms is what we do as a country PR firm, and building and supporting their businesses and long-term vision is why our clients see us a crucial part of their team and journey.


It’s not about what you have to gain against your competition; it’s what you have to lose that you should be thinking about for 2018.


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