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In this business blog, we share eight ways to optimise your Google My Business Page for success, from the small details to those that make a considerable difference. 


Focus On Your Keyword Presence

Whether you’re searching for the ‘best equine marketing advice‘ or ‘How Can AI Benefit My Business?‘ the likelihood is that you ‘google’ to search the term online. By sprinkling keywords relevant to your business and industry into your Google Business profile, your business can improve its search appearance. Your business description is the perfect place to sprinkle some relevant keywords, but don’t discount your posts to optimise your Google Business profile strength.


When we are looking to optimise a client’s business profile, we will research their business type and industry and review their primary category before collating a keyword planner, including target keywords. Keyword stuffing should be avoided at all costs. Not only does it devalue the reader experience, but it will harm your ranking.


Keywords do affect your SEO ranking.


Get Reviews

Looking to buy from a new business? The likelihood is that, as a potential customer, you will do a Google search query and then search through customer reviews. Ask your customers for reviews every time they shop with you, and don’t be concerned with receiving the odd bad review.

Reviews are always a valuable tool to attract potential clients.


Multiple surveys have shown that companies with no bad reviews are typically seen as suspicious by consumers; after all, no matter how thorough your company is and how glowing your customer service record is, someone at some point won’t agree. Remember always to acknowledge a negative review and respond to the complaint. If you suspect it is a fake review, you can react publically and ask them to contact you, stating that you have no record of this situation or their transaction under their reviewer’s name if this is the case. 


5-star reviews boost your business profile, and business reviews help other consumers make buying decisions. A good practice is to follow up on all purchases via email, ask customers to leave you an online review, and explain that positive reviews make a huge difference to your independent business.


Work On Achieving A Good Website Authority (DA)

Alongside your profile, ensure that you invest time in your website. Driving traffic between your website and your profile makes sense, but crafting quality blog content to share on your Google Business profile will also benefit your marketing strategies. Having good website authority is something every business should strive for, so enlist the help of experienced copywriters and PR experts to help you grow your backlink opportunities and get good traffic to your website. Appointing a PR should be part of your SEO strategy. A well-constructed website with a solid keyword strategy will help your website rank in organic searches. It will also show up in relevant searches by potential customers.


Verify Your Business

According to Google, half of all the individuals who conduct a search for a local business will visit that business within 24 hours. However, if you don’t claim your Google My Business listing, Google will attempt to provide the best information about your business. 


This means you could display incorrect information about your products and services, so it’s worth investing time. For local businesses, Google Maps is also an invaluable tool for discovery. 


Keep Your Profile Active

Keep active on your Google My Business profile. Update your Google Business profile with regular posts to further improve your search ranking. Your digital marketing should include regular post updates to your Google My Business profile. You should include posts that talk about topics you know are popular in a Google search. 


Your Google Business profile should not be left and forgotten. Make a diary alert to update weekly, fortnightly or monthly – whichever is manageable for you. Your business dashboard is easy to navigate to focus on promoting your online business as much as possible. 


Check Business Info & Update

Check that your business information is complete. Businesses that have the most detailed, accurate and up-to-date information will be easier to serve in a search. Take a look at your business profile with fresh ideas and imagine you don’t know this business. Is everything you need to know in your business info? You only have 750 characters to play with, so create a draft and add in the keywords and words your customers would generally use.


Make sure you complete your business description with a business category and an eye-catching cover photo. Your Google Business profile is your opportunity to showcase your company as a business owner, so optimise to the max!


Make user you include your hours of operation and keep these updated to embrace holiday hours to ensure you keep happy customers! 


Upload Quality Images

Add at least 3 – 6 photos to your Google My Business listing for optimal performance, and if your business premises are exceptional, consider showing them off with a 360-degree virtual tour with a Google-approved photographer. Uploading images of your premises, your products and your team will convey the right messages and attract the customers you want to attract. 


Customer photos are also a great way to show prospective customers how much you value your current customers. Only post high-quality photos to your profile to reflect your business. Businesses without photos on their Google Business profiles do less well. Consider a strong profile photo that will resonate with your customers.


Verify Each Location

Verifying your Google Business Profile is vital for visibility and performance. If your business has more than one location, each physical location needs to be verified. Your Google My Business locations and business physical address are ranking factors in organic searches. A Google map featuring your local business is a bonus that comes with your Google Business profile.



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