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Pet owners agree that there are many joys of pet ownership, from decreasing your stress levels to daily social interaction. In this pet blog, our Pet Marketing Team explain why having a pet is good for you. 


Pets May Help Prevent Loneliness

We know from personal experience that having a furry friend in your life always feels like a great company. A study published in December 2021 examined psychological markers in dog owners and non–dog owners during the COVID-19 pandemic via a validated online survey. Researchers found that dog owners reported feeling they had significantly more social support (and less loneliness), which they believed was thanks to their pets. They also reportedly experienced fewer symptoms of depression than non–dog owners. 


Pets Make You Happy

A companion animal can boost your levels of serotonin and reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Having someone to care for, nurture and love can give you purpose and routine, which can install happiness and structure your everyday living. Dog owners will naturally increase their physical activity with daily walks. Taking daily exercise is good for your mental health and quality of life. Hug your hound and release those feel good hormones!


Pets Aren’t ‘Just Pets’

We know that pets aren’t ‘just pets’; they are part of the family. Animals in households offer the best pet therapy if you’ve had a bad day at work or are feeling fed up. Having a pet is good for you because they help reduce your anxiety levels and boost your energy levels. For people who experience social isolation, real animals can have a huge and positive impact on mental health conditions and general mood. Stroking an animal can help reduce stress-related hormones, and therapy pets are regularly used to help those with post-traumatic stress disorder. Therapy dogs regularly visit homes, hospices and hospitals to help soothe anxious outbursts and support emotional stability. 


Pets Can Help Boost Your Fitness

Owning a dog can be good for your health by increasing your choice of outdoor activities outside of daily walks. You might take up rambling with your best fur friend or take up dog agility and compete in competitions. Spending periods outside and getting plenty of exercise helps bring a sense of calm and, in turn, leads healthier lives. Pets can offer excellent physical health benefits. 


Pets Can Improve Your Lifestyle

One of the many joys that pet ownership is the companionship they offer. Pet owners with mental health issues often express how spending time with their pets improves their mental health conditions and offers stress relief. For those individuals who struggle with social skills, pets give a sense of security without judgement.


Any Pet Can Improve Your Health

Whatever your choice of pet, caring for another being has enormous health benefits. The human-animal interaction gives purpose and a sense of belonging. Elderly people might enjoy the companionship of a cat over a dog, or someone living in a high-rise flat with no outdoor access might choose fish or reptiles. All animals are therapy animals.  


Mood-Boosting Benefits of Pets

Pet ownership is associated with improved heart health. One past study examined pet ownership and cardiovascular reactivity, a potential marker for heart disease risk, and found that people with pets had lower base heart rates and blood pressure. Pet owners also experienced smaller increases in heart rate and blood pressure during periods of stress, which were quicker to return to normal afterwards, suggests the study, which analysed dog and cat owners.




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