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This month sees #hugyourhoundday, and to celebrate, we will hug and spoil our dogs even more than usual!  Our Pet Marketing Team shares tips and advice for building a closer bond with your dog in this blog.

Team Work & Leadership

Training your dog is a crucial part of integrating them into society and a vital part of the bonding process; showing your dog leadership and teamwork. Training can be tremendous fun, and that’s precisely how we have trained our dogs; whether it’s obedience training, dog agility or gun dog training, training your dog should be fun for both of you and establish your leadership role.

Spend Time Together

Spending time with your dog is imperative to building a closer bond with your dog. Whether you have adopted a rescue dog or have a new puppy, spending time with each other will build a strong bond. Whether you are relaxing at home together or discovering new walks, spend quality time with your dog.

Groom Your Dog

Regardless of whether your dog needs regular grooming or not, grooming your dog is not only good for his skin and coat but also for your relationship! Grooming your dog helps to remove loose hair and stimulates the skin, and keeps it healthy. When you groom your dog, it establishes trust in your touch, giving you and your dog a closer bond. 

Walk This Way

Walking your dog daily is a ‘hug your hound’ kind of feeling for every day! The sheer joy of freedom and discovering new smells and places is evident on all dogs faces when out walking! Walking your dog allows you to build that special bond with your dog and brush up on your obedience training with positive reinforcement.

Hug Your Hound

We’re not just talking about hugging your hound physically. Still, metaphorically a hug can mean several actions: Rewarding your dog for good behaviour with praise and treats or playing tug of war with his tug toys

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