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Looking to grow your dental practice? Our Beauty PR Team share ten effective luxury dentist marketing strategies to help grow your dental practice. Dental marketing expert advice that works! 


  1. Upgrade Your Website Design


Generally speaking, dental practice websites are dull and far removed from the luxury they have become today. If your website looks dated, look to revamp your dental website professionally. The modern dental website design should reflect your business and attract potential customers. 


You don’t necessarily need dental web design & development, but you need website designers familiar with the beauty and health industry to create the perfect website. Attaching Google Analytics to your site will also give you greater insight into visitors and the customer journey.


  1. Optimise Your Google Business Profile


Perhaps one of the most prominent overlooked forms of free advertising for local businesses. Updating your Google My Business profile regularly with posts shows an active business. Encouraging your clients to leave customers online reviews can help put you firmly on Google Maps for your area. People trust recommendations, so garner as many as possible. 


Use quality, high-resolution imagery and keywords in your content for search engine optimisation. Ensure that your hours of operation are up to date so that your online visibility is the best. It is also worth adding details about dental emergencies too.


  1. Introduce Your Team


Your dental marketing strategy should focus on the assets you have – your team! Who works in the company, what is their role, and what value do they bring to the business? Adding personality to your business sets you apart from your competition. Your dental patients may know everyone, but this may be different for potential patients. A real person is a valuable asset to your company! From the team member organising patient appointments to the dental nurses who support you, your average person will be interested to know who is in the business. 


  1. Supercharge Your Social Media


Your social media platforms allow you to showcase your dental services. Your digital marketing strategy should support your social media channels. Social media posts should combine engaging content with positive patient reviews and business news. We are the experts in social media marketing, so we understand the importance of having a solid social media presence supported by digital advertising channels. 

Check that your ‘about us’ is current and your business hours are correct. Remember that your social media channels come up in organic searches, so ensure your search visibility is good.


Cosmetic dentists often have before, and after images on their patient base, and with the correct permissions, these can be hugely lucrative for display advertising. A before and after smile showing dental implants could result in future patient referrals and dental hygiene tips have an excellent sharing opportunity.


Your social media profiles should reflect your business and the excellent patient care you offer as dental providers and medical professionals.


  1. Focus On Strengths & Weaknesses


A dental marketing agency focusing only on strengths isn’t helping your online presence. Where there are weaknesses in your online marketing, your competitors will be cashing in. Take a good look at the business and create a list of strengths and weaknesses. Our strategy in marketing for dentists is always to look at both and see how we can leverage the positives and strengthen the flaws in our dental marketing plan.


Look at both positive reviews and negative reviews to give you a benchmark to work from. Our dental marketing ideas are often born out of improving a client’s weaknesses and often form a core element of our digital marketing strategy.


  1. Focus On SEO


Dental marketing plans should always include a focus on your SEO strategy. By reviewing your website, we look for gaps in keywords and help build a bank of content, including blog posts, which support your business and are written in-house by our team, including certified copywriters and qualified journalists. 


Prospective patients can discover you with better website ranking, and quality content reflects your work. Our copywriting services appreciate that Dental SEO, like other SEO work, is an art and takes time to build, but it can be hugely valuable to dental professionals like yourself.


Your website blog content is so vital to your SEO.


  1. Client Newsletters


Dental marketing strategies should always include email marketing alongside appointment reminders and phone calls. Newsletters are a fantastic way to connect with your customers via their email addresses. Our digital marketing experts regularly create newsletter content for clients to share news, offer referral bonuses to happy patients, give advice, and share special offers and updates. 


Whether you are advertising discounts or sharing some valuable insight into caring for your dental implants or dental health, our team can help!


  1. Build A Customer Profile


Every good dentist marketing company will ask who your target audience is and encourage you to build a customer profile if you don’t already have one. We always focus on your defining your customer in our dental patient marketing strategies, so we align your dental marketing campaigns correctly to target the correct demographic.


  1. Google Ads


Alongside optimising your Google My Business profile, Google ads are a fantastic way to target potential customers. Your online presence should include Google advertising and help with search engine discovery. 


Appointing a professional to manage your advertising makes sense because they will monitor your spending and tweak your campaign with relevant Google AdWords to ensure you get the best value. It might cost you money in the short term, but you will reap more significant benefits in the long term.


  1. Become The Experts


Become the established experts in dental care by being seen in the media. Not only does media coverage give you authority in the eyes of your current patients, but it will also impress potential patients. Alongside your online marketing and social media campaigns, your content marketing should position you as the expert in your field. 


Over the years, we have put thousands of business owners under the spotlight and in the expert’s chair, helping to support their business goals for long-term growth and brand awareness.


We hope you find these marketing tips valuable to your business. If you want to grow your business and improve your marketing efforts, get in touch for a no-obligation chat with a member of our expert dental marketing team, we’d love to hear from you.



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