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For many businesses, a website is the main or only ‘shop window’ to their company, so how can you create a website that is perfect for your business and your business needs? We recently spoke to Richard Pitt, Founder & Tech Head at Resknow, a website development and all-encompassing design agency for his advice on a few do’s and don’ts of creating a website for your business.


Choose High-Quality Images And Content

What you put on your website is incredibly essential. From good quality images through to well-written SEO content will all help boost your organic positioning in Google. Choosing poor quality images or taking photographs off a Google search will not only make your site look cheap and poor quality but if you are doing the latter, you could end up in copyright hot water with the owner of the image if you are caught. Try where possible to use your own good quality photography and keep your website content original.


Make Sure It’s Secure

Building and maintaining security on your site is essential. Whether you are an E-commerce store taking online card payments or hold email addresses via a contact form, ensuring that you can keep this information stored safely and securely is imperative. Hackers will look for venerable sites or weaknesses, and once they are in, it can be challenging to get them back out. Having a secure website in the first place is so important.  Then, a secure hosting server and a team who can help you get things back up and running should there be any technical issues or breaches of security is imperative for both your business and your reputation.


Keep It Up Tp Date

From plugins through to content, make sure that your website is kept up to date in all aspects. Your website software and plugins should be regularly updated for functionality. Afterall if your website or phone needs a software update you automatically do this. Your website should be no different. Keep your content relevant to your business and current. For example, if it’s now summer, check you don’t have that festive Christmas banner live on your home page still!


Appoint An Expert

If you don’t embrace the idea of building a website yourself with a reasonable allowance, you can get some expert help. However, be careful in your choice of website developers. Ideally, you want someone who has a wealth of proven experience in the field and not just a pure design background. Just because a website looks good, it doesn’t mean that its a fully functioning, fully optimised site. An experienced developer will be able to steer and guide you past the hidden pitfalls and help you get the most from your budget.


Useful Links Richard Recommends: 

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You Can Watch The Full Interview With Richard On Our YouTube Video.


About Richard

Richard has more than 15 years’ experience in online media advertising and marketing, Richard has previously worked for 118 Media, Touch Local and British Telecom during his professional career.

Ten years ago, Richard set up a digital agency designed to help businesses advertise themselves more effectively through the creation of responsive design website and online marketing. Today, Richard heads up two companies, one which provides all in one website packages for smaller start-up and Resknow, which helps small to medium businesses and larger organisations. Alongside website design, development and build, Richard and his team also offer Google affiliated Ads management, digital marketing, branding design and print solutions.

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