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Our Lifestyle & Interiors PR Team share eight of their favourite interior design trends you’ll lust after for your house or apartment in this blog.


Botanical is one of the most accessible interior design trends to emulate in your home, using flora and fauna print soft furnishings and accessories and adding real-life foliage in statement vases and pots. A beautiful way to bring the outside inside, the botanical trend is easy to incorporate into any home.



Elevating bathroom design to a new level. Luxury spas inspire spathrooms, and we love them! Think light stone and smooth marble, natural wood highlights, luxury bath products and minimalist design, and you’ve got yourself one of the hottest bathroom interior design trends.


Texture Interior Design Trends

Adding texture to your interior can bring warmth and appeal to even the most minimalist of interiors. Choose tactile fabrics such as faux fur, silk, satin and velvets. For homeware, choose sculptural pieces with textural finishes. 


Nature’s Way

Homeware that takes inspiration from nature is one of our favourite design trends. Whether that inspiration is taken from nature’s vast colour spectrum or objects that celebrate nature, this trend is transformative for the home. Add polished pebbles, marble and wood to your home to reconnect with nature in this stylish interior-led trend.


Discrete Luxury

Luxury doesn’t have to be ‘in your face. This interior design trend highlights luxury in a subtle, tasteful way; choose investment pieces that scream quality overstatement. A beautifully crafted piece of furniture will become the focal point of a room without much effort. This trend works so well, whether it’s to improve your home office or to create the boudoir of your dreams.


Vintage With New

Mixing vintage with new furniture works beautifully in any home or setting. Combining contemporary and vintage furniture can give a home a stylish and reassuring feel. Upcycle pre-loved pieces and have them professionally restored and combined with modern pieces of furniture.



With lockdown came the rise in dog ownership, and with the increase in dog ownership came the need for interior design to acknowledge our four-legged friends in a stylish new trend called ‘Barkitecture’. Considerations in architecture through to designer doggie chaise lounges that match your existing furniture, interior design has undoubtedly gone to the dogs! Take inspiration from dog-friendly hotels!


Focus On Sustainability

Sustainability is a big buzzword in the interior design trends to lust after! Choosing brands which take sustainability seriously or choosing sustainably sourced and manufactured products are becoming a growing trend. A sustainable architectural design which looks to create homes that are more environmentally friendly and have lower pollutants, energy and waste is a solid interior design story for the future.


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