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If you’re taking your dog to a dog-friendly hotel, there are a few ways that you can ensure both you and your canine friend can enjoy your stay at dog-friendly hotels with these tips and advice from our Canine PR Marketing Team.


Dog Toilet Breaks 

A change of routine can mean you easily can miss a toilet break for your dog. Without direct access to an outdoor space, even the most house-trained dog can end up having an accident. Set regular reminders on your phone to ensure that you let your dog out for a toilet break at regular intervals.


Training Times

Take time to polish up on your basic training and dog’s general manners. It’s worth refreshing your dog’s memory before your arrival. Refresh basic techniques such as walking to heel, not jumping up at strangers and ‘sit’ and ‘lie down’ commands. Hotel guests will also welcome your well-behaved dog to a dog-friendly hotel.


Time To Dine

If you are heading down for dinner in the evening, make sure you feed your dog an hour before leaving the room. Allow for a last-minute toilet break. If your dog is particularly energetic, then an early evening dog walk could be just the thing to tire them out, so they nap. If your dog likes background noise at home, leave a talking radio station on at low volume. Make sure your dog has access to his water bowl, any toys, and of course, his bed from home. Keep the same routine for exiting the room as you would do at home.


Fun Time At A Dog-Friendly Hotel

Staying in a dog-friendly hotel is fun, but make sure you exercise your dog and tire them out before bringing them into the hotel’s public areas. Whilst it might be full of dog lovers, a barking, bouncy labradoodle might not be the restful, relaxing break the other hotel guests envisaged. 


Puppy Power At A Dog-Friendly Hotel!

It’s an excellent experience for a puppy to get used to sleeping away from home but never leave your puppy unattended in the room. Ensure that they are crate trained at home and put them in their crate when you leave the room. New puppy owners who crate training your puppy makes staying away at relatives or friends’ houses or dog-friendly hotels much easier for both you and the puppy, and there will be no unwelcome (and expensive) surprises when you return!

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